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Company: La Caleta GmbH
Address: Wiedergeltinger Strasse 2
Zipcode: 86807
City: Buchloe
Country: Germany
Tel: 0049 (0) 8241 997510
Fax: 0049 (0) 8241 997512

La Caleta was founded for consulting and management purposes in 1997. We execute a broad variety of services: research, direct marketing, implementation, financial consulting, human ressources, insurances and many more. We do have contacts to companys in all industries. Our focus is to arrange contacts and deals for german companies around the world.

You are looking for a special machine or tool? You would like to invest in a hotel or restaurant project? You are looking for a good investment to save taxes? You need more liquidity for your business? You want to present your product in Germany? You are thinking of implementation of your franchisee business? Don't hesitate to contact us. Whatever is the matte; La Caleta always will provide you with the best service and fair conditions.

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