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Raw materials exporters and manufacturer database

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Description: We manufacture and supply Activated Carbon and raw
material for making Activated Carbon. Pls contact us for details
and quotation.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of
structured cabling system products which are available as patch
panel, patch cable, Cat5e module, connectors etc . With years of
experience in cabling line in China, we are committed to offering
clients with qualified products and service at the very competitive
prices . Opening business account with us means more than
something, Best Quality, Best Price and In-time Delivery. You will
be satisfied with no question. We can provide cable-management
programs for the contractor, industrial and OEM markets. Overseas
distributors are welcome!!!

Description: We are one of the factory in China for processing Mica
powder products. Our main products include:
a. Dry Ground mica powder 20-325 mesh
b. Wet Ground mica powder 100-500 mesh
c. mica flake 6-30 mesh
They are widely used in plastic, rubber, cosmetic industries and
other building materials. They also can be used in oil drilling.
Anyone is interested in our products please feel free to contact
us. We will supply our best price and service.

Description: Our company engages in export business of coal tar
pitch, carbon additive &. activated carbon as follows:
1. Coal tar pitch:
1.) Medium temperature coal tar pitch.
2.) Modified coal tar pitch. 3.) High temperature coal tar pitch.
4.) Impregnating pitch.
2. Carbon additive (carbon raiser):
1.) Carbon additive made of calcined coal. 2.) Carbon additive made
of made of calcined petroleum coke.
3.) Carbon additive made of graphite powder. 4.) Carbon additive
made of made of graphitized coke.
3. Activated Carbon:
1.) Activated carbon made of nut shell.
2.) Activated carbon made of coal.
Please contact with us if you are interested in our products.

Description: We are the exporters of ultimate leather and leather
products, all kinds of leather beef sheep, and other beef products
like Crust. blue leather crust leather, beef bungs sheep bungs and
all kinds of animal casings. Our prices and quality are our two
main symbols of identity.

Description: We introduce ourselves as leading exporters of
stainless steel items such as:
1) Angles 2) Flats 3) Rods, wire
4) Fitting like elbow // flanges // tee etc
We have established in metal trading since over 25 years, please
send us your detailed product requirement so that we can offer you
the best price from India.

Description: Exporting SYNOX-iron oxide pigment.

Description: We are very glad to know your company through
internet, and take this opportunity to contact you. We are a
manufacturer of ceramic mineral in China. Main products are ball
clay and kaolin, kiln furniture material. We also sell them to
markets like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia through the Hong
Kong trade agencies.

Description: Professional factory specializes in stainless steel,
such as stainless steel sheet & coil. We have fast delivery,
competitive price and good service.

Description: We are an international Natural Rubber (NR)
manufacturer and exporter in Malaysia, Thailand and Rep. of China.
We had a total of 8 rubber factories produce full range of NR like
various grade of RSS, SMR (suitable for tyre manufacturer), Skim
Block (suitable for shoes maker), Latex (suitable for glove
producers), Carbon Masterbatch & (compound rubber-for China
mkt)with annually production capacity of 150, 000 metric ton.

Description: One of the leading manufacturer and exporter of high
quality mica and every type of mica products.

Description: We are manufacturers of the semi processed diary
products such as cagliatta cheese additives. Willing to expand our
export to more EU countries.

Description: We are manufacturing and offering tungsten and it's
related products such as tungsten/carbuide powder, tungsten carbide
sintered, tungsten alloy cubes and bars, tungstwen wire and heater
to the clients worldwide in the past 10 years and we are looking
forwards to having the opportunity of co-operating with your

Description: Specializing in aloe Vera scientific growing,
researching and processing it to be intermediate products with high
quality and competitive price for sales, These products are aloe
vela juice, aloe Vera dice, aloe Vera gel and aloe vera powder
including heat dried powder, spray dried powder and freeze dried
powder. All of which have been widely utilized as additives in the
field of health foodstuff, beverage, soft drink, pharmaceutical
cosmetic, shower cream, handy cream and liquid soap etc. These
inermediate products are all from ourselves offering raw material
of aloe vera whole leaves gained in our own aloe vera cultivation
plantations covring 10, 000ares in the beautiful hainan province of
P.R.of China. As per your business scope, I am sure that our aloe
vera intermediate products can fit the need of our successful
cooperation for mutual benefit with its high quality and
competitive price.

Description: We are miners, processors & exports of all grades of
Mica. Due to our large production we can offer high grade Mica
Flakes ( for pearlescent pigment, oil well drilling etc ), mica
splittings /scrap(for use in mica paper, mica tape, micanite, etc),
mica blocks, mica powder, calcined mica, mica cut parts & strips,
mica condensor films etc. The main industries served are oil well
drilling, pearlescent pigments, wet ground mica, electrical
industry, plastics & rubber, mica tape, mica paper and insulation
welding electrodes and use in asphalt roofing. Besides mica we can
offer you insulation products & heating elements as per your
specification. We can offer mica of high quality at extremely cheap

Description: We are wide scale and professional manufacturer of
embroidery and lace for many years in Qingdao China. Our main
products including T/C or cotton embroidery and lace; chemical lace;
torchon lace or crochet lace.

Description: We have two Factories: one is producing Cork products
such as cork granule, cork sheet, cork mat ect. Another is a
glassware factory producing all kinds of handmade glassware. We
sincerely hope establishing business relations wity all the friends
from European Countries. All so we have a Representative Office in
Hamburg in order to conviencing customers.

Description: Our company is specialized in supplying computer
embroidery thread made of viscose rayon and terylene thread with
many years' experience, located in the beautiful south China coastal
city, ShenZhen (on the side of HongKong).

Description: We are producer and trader of Ferro-alloys in China. We
can supply Silicon metal, Ferro-molybdenum, Manganese metal and
other products from China. If you are interested in ferro-alloys and
metals, pls let us know, we shall do our best to cooperate with your

Description: We are collector, processor and exporter of Gum Damar
white color A & ABC Grade, Gum Copal PWS, WS, Mixed and LAS Grade
98% soluble in methyl alcohol.

Description: We want to introduce our company having two different
mills which concentrated on ring spinning yarns and worsted yarns on
high quality base both having ISO 9002 and OEKOTEX-100 Certificates.
We will be very happy to cooperate with your esteemed company. If
you are interested in our products please do not hesitate to contact
us. Our main products are as follows:
In ring part we are producing mainly melange and dyed types of:
50/50 Polyester / Cotton Raw White
33/67 Polyester / Cotton Grey Melange
67/33 Polyester / Cotton Dark Grey
02/98 Polyester / Cotton Snow Melange
02/98 Polyester / Cotton Brown Snow Melange
40/60 Polyester / Cotton Melanges
50/50 Polyester (Black) / Cotton (Raw) Mouline (Jaspe)
50/50 Polyester (Colors) / Cotton (Raw) Mouline (Jaspe)
100% Polyester Ecru
100% Polyester Black
67/33 Polyester / Viscose Melange, Mouline and dyed yarns
100% Acrylic Dralon By Bayer 1.1 Denier Bright For Chenille
40/60 Acrylic / Cotton Melange
25/75 Acrylic / Cotton Melange
15/85 Acrylic / Cotton Melange
50/50 Acrylic / Cotton Melange
60/40 Acrylic / Cotton Melange
100% Acrylic Dyed
100% Acrylic Mouline (Jaspe)
50/50 Acrylic / Cotton Ecru
100% Acrylic Ecru
50/50 Viscose / Acrylic Ecru
50/50 Viscose / Cotton Ecru
100% Viscose Melange (25% Black - 50% Black - 80% Black)
80/20 Viscose / Linen
35/35/30 Viscose / Cotton / Linen
80/20 Cotton / Linen
100% Cotton Melanges
100% Cotton Mouline (Jaspe)
100% Cotton Dyed
100% Acrylic HB Dyed NM 1/15 - 1/50
100% Acrylic Regular Dyed NM 1/36 - 1/50
50/50 Acrylic / Wool Dyed NM 1/28 - 1/54
70/30 Acrylic / Wool Dyed NM 1/28 - 1/54
Acrylic / Elite Elastic Yarn NM 2/28 - 2/40
50/50 Acrylic HB / Viscose NM 2/18
We also specialize in weaving. At our weaving mill we have 24 Somet
Thema Excell Looms with Staubli Dobby. Our raw product could have
220 cm wideness which gives the advantege to have 190 cm width after
the finishing process. Supplying eight different colours on weft and
could have work between Ne 5 - Ne 40 yarns makes us superior on
weaving structures. With these stuff, we are pretentios on weaving
fabrics on the way of the custumers requirements. Our products can
be used for women fashion apparel, garments, upholstery, stretch

Description: Our company has been a leading mine owner producer and
exporter of Bauxite and other industrial minerals. We supply the
product in different mesh size and modes as per requirement and
specifications of importers. Having had an excellent track record in
mining and production and export of minerals of various descriptions
over the years. We shall be very thankful if you could place with
us your present demand, specifying the required. Sizes Needless to
say it will give us the greatest pleasure to act as your supply
partners in this subcontinent.

Description: Our company is the trading branch of this consortium of
marble, granite and basalt mining companies from Brazil, that, with
the help of the Brazilian export chamber, is starting operations in
order to start exporting Brazilian finest stones, both as raw
material or finished products.
The consortium of the best companies in Brazil, is able to deliver
the best products, with a great quality in a short lead time.

Description: We are the main exporter of cinnamon originating from
Indonesia. We are interested in supplying to genuine interested
parties with good financial standing. Payment mode is by irrevocable
L/C. Purchase by container load is preferable, yet a lower minimum
quantity would be considered on case by case basis. If interested,
please email for prices and sample. Thank you.

Description: We are company owned by Akrokerri Ashanti Gold Mines of
Canada and GG, operating mines in Akrokerri, Ghana West Africa. The
company is on their effort to meet up with the 2010 vision and
scrutinize the indigenous miners to pave way for international
investors. The company have been mandated me to solicit for
international buyers or dealers world-wide. The committee in charge
of this organization have therefore mapped out for a three phase
project, quantities of both alluvial gold nuggets and gold dust for
immediate sales to purchase certain mining equipment to face lift
the small scale industry. The project has taken off and we are
looking for buyers internationally for the following hallmark.

Description: Chinese leading manufacturer who can supply various
grey and ductile castings.

Description: We are a manufacturer of texturized fiberglass /ceramic
fiber products like tape/cloth/rope/tubing and so on, which are
widely used in thermal insulation and fire resistant.

Description: We are an export oriented rubber soling sheets
manufacturer under the well-known brand of JAVA RINO. We have been
exporting regularly to Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China, Italy, Canada,
Peru, Argentina, India, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Syria, UEA and
Middle East. JAVA RINO product range:
- Regular rubber soling sheet - Stripe rubber soling sheet -
Pattern/Heel with black base
- Flexible rubber soling sheet (Rinoflex).

Description: We are one of the leading manufactures of aluminum
extrusion in Turkey. We have been working for many years now in the
field of aluminum extrusion and am very interested in selling your
company products in Turkey. We are selling our product the type of
wholesale distributors.

Synthetic Resin manufacturer, manufacturing wide range of synthetic resins suitable for surface coating industry, viz. Printing inks, paints, coatings and adhesive industry. Our product range includes: reactive polyamide resins, ketonic resins, polyurethane resins, pure phenolic & modified phenolic resins, maleic resins - (oil and spirit soluble), wide range of alkyds, acrylics (thermosetting & thermoplastic), amino resins (urea and melamine formaldehyde resins) and polyester resins.

Importproducts: We import gum rosin for our own use.

We are a big supplier of all the following products: tyres for cars / trucks / buses / agriculture. Second hand trucks / cars. New trucks / new buses / new tractors / new buldozers. All kind of inkjet cartridges // single use cameras. All kind of suits for mens with a capacity of 170000 suits a month. Photocopy paper in a4 size / 80 grams.

We are basically a consultancy group. We have our own
manufacturing unit of dairy products and rice. We also deals in
sanitation products, copper wire rod aluminium foil and other electrical appliances. We deals in export-import of above listed items.

We are manufacturer & exporter of Chinese first
grade sepiolite clay & fibber crude ores / products in all
kinds and specifications. We write in the hope of establishing
mutual beneficial trading relations with you. The materials are
without any asbestos and with high and rich sepiolite soft fibre of at least 95%. Our sepiolite soft fibre wool could be used in various lines, ie. Thermal insulator, fire-proofing, gasket, reinforcement, flame retardant, electric insulation, heat resistance, auto parts (brake lining, brake pad), insulation materials, filters, non metal materials, construction materials, additives for fertilizers and animal feed, deodorants, absorbents, filters, roofing, foundry &
casting materials and liquid treatment.

We can manufacture the following products: silica
sand, high purity quartz sand, natural quartz powder, fused quartz, quartz in lump, micro-silica powder The detail specification as follows:
1. Quartz sands (silica sands) high purity grade: SiO2: 99.95%min-99.8%min Fe2O3: 3ppm max-30ppm max, size: 2-200 mesh deliberated grade: SiO2: 99.8%min-99.0%min Fe2O3: 50ppm max-0.03% max, size: 2-325 mesh.
2. Natural crystal powder SiO2: 99.90%min-99.99%min, size: 2-300 mesh.
3. Fused quartz ingot SiO2: 99.9%min Fe2O3: 50ppm max, Al2O3: 0.03% max, size: 5-100 mesh.
4. Quartz in lump special grade: SiO2: 99.9%min.

We would like to introduce ourselves as leading
manufacturers and exporters of high quality cattle semi-leather from Uzbekistan. Below you can find information about cattle wet blue (unsplit) which is ready for delivery. The amount which is held in the tannery at Tashkent about 160000 sq. f. This product is A/40%; B/50%; C/10% selection. We can provide about same amount of wet blue every month.

Our offer is about Calcite, the paint, PVC doors &
windows, kraft manufacturers all welcome.

Importproducts: We also importing titanium dioxide. The offers
about TiO2 will seriously consider.

We are the biggest Optical Calcite Crystal mine in the world, with best calcite crystals. If you company are looking for CALCITE, I'm sure we have the Calcite Crystals you're looking for. Visit our website or contact us to know more about our crystals. We have different crystals for Optical Applications, almost high quality crystals.

We are one of the leading manufacturers/exporters
of stuffing down and feathers in China, we provide washed/unwashed white/grey goose/duck down and feathers, and also down filled products such as pillows and comforters.

Importproducts: We provide materials of stuffing down and
feathers, both goose or duck, white or grey, washed or unwashed
and also down filled products.

Our company is the largest brown fused alumina manufacturer in China.

Importproducts: Brown fused alumina, bauxite, sub-white fused alumina.

Our company is engaged in mining and processing to
various kind of Industrial minerals. Due to our own resources and
processing, our prices are most competitive and we can supply the
quantity with quality control and strict delivery schedule.
Also our company will be awarded by ISO 9001 very soon.
Now we are mentioning our product range:
Feldspar soda ( Na2O : 10 % Minimum )
Feldspar potash ( K2O : 12 % Minimum, Na2O : 3 %, Total alkalies : 15 % Minimum and another grade is K2O : 12.5 % minimum and Na2O : 1.5 %, Total alkalies : 14.50 % minimum )
Snow white quartz ( SiO2 : 99.70 )
Ball clay ( Porcelain grade )
Talc ( all grades )
Kynite ( Al2O3 : 65 % )
Silimanite ( Al2O3 : 46 % ) etc.
The above all minerals are supplied by us in the form of Lumps,
Grits, Granules, Course powder and fine powder up to 8 micron.

Russian Federation
International export company located in Moscow, Russia.
The export of large quantities of Russian hardboards, plywood and softwood including sawlogs, edged & unedged boards and sawn timber is the central element of our operations.
We export:
- Plywood, MDF, OSB, hardboards and chipboards
- Softwood and hardwood logs and sawn timber
- Larch, pine and spruce production.

We sincerely introduce to you a kind of special animal's fine hair - Yak downy hair. It is light, soft, lustrous, and bright, and a slightly thicker than cashmere, compared with cashmere, yak downy-hair has all excellent performances, suitable for the spinning and making of high- class worsted and roved wool fabrics and knitwear. Yak downy-hair is superior to cashmere in fiber strength elasticity and cold-resistance. Its features of wind-proof, wet-proof and natural color and luster are exactly what the cashmere lacks but yak downy-hair possesses.

Importproducts: We are interested in importing large quantity of
competitive plastic raw material HDPE, LDPE blow molding grade from direct manufacture. Or we would like to corporate with such factories to sell their products in our market.

We exporter of plastical disposable products as fork, knife, spoon, luxury spoon, glasses, plates, fruit trays, yogurt cups, polystyrene foam trays for food packaging, fast food packaging.

We are an Italian trading Co. with more than 25 years of experience in steels and metals. We are specialized in service, giving to the final customer an higher support, working also on smaller quantities. We have our local offices or agents in North African countries, east, and Far East.

Importproducts: We could be interested in special steels from serious suppliers directly.

Our company is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of modified plastic (plastic compound), such as flame retardant plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ABS/PC ABS/PVC plastic alloy, plastic filled with caco3 or talc and etc. They are taking place of metal and widely used in most area, such as electronics, textile, food, packing, constructor and etc.

We are honored to introduce ourselves as an Iranian wood manufacturer who owns factories and a forest in Iran. We appreciate any request from your side in what is concerning Lumber and wood elements from Oak, Maple, Beech, Alder, Hornbeam, Walnut and etc. In order to establish a long time cooperation, we will try to adapt our production capacity to your needs. If you buy from us, you'll be definitely rest assured by the quality of our woods.

Importproducts: We import modern and new False Ceiling, Flooring and MDF product ranges.

With reference to your web site inquiry, we are pleased to introduce ourselves one of the leading exporter of textile / cotton / polyester Waste, from Pakistan at present we have following items available with us for ready delivery, If you are interested, we can arrange the samples as per your desire.
Cotton Waste.
Polyester Waste.
Cable Tow.
Snow - 1 (Original).
Snow - 2 (Recycle).
Rock (Lumps).
Open Cable Tow.
PTA Powder Off Grade.
PET Flakes & Bottle.
Leather Clipping.

New Austrian sawmill for hardwood timber.
Processing: beech and oak.
Production capacity: 200.000 m per year / shift.
We are in position to supply / export hardwood timber as follows:
- KD (8-10%).
- Steamed.
- Square edged.
- Calibrated (surfaced on 2 sides).

Established in 1986, specialized in processing all kinds of metal products. There are many kinds of friction presses, from 63T--630T. Our main products are forging and pressing line fittings (ballycycs scrics, Chain links, shackles, and yoke plates series, Clevises), Suspension Insulator pins serious. And other forging products of ships and farm machines special technician and engineers and complete inspection instruments, products quality of the group has been promised, We have the ability to do forging, punching, heat treatment, zinc-plating, physics and chemistry testing, measuring and test and so on.
We can process all grade of Grey iron, ductile iron, malleable iron, low carbon steel, high carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant iron and steel, we also can process bronze, brass and aluminum alloy. We are in the position to supply you with all kinds of sand castings, investment castings and centrifugal castings. The sizes from 0.1kgs to 10000 kgs.

Our company special manufacture permanent ferrite magnets and Nd-Fe-B magnets for Electron, speaker, Micro-motor, Education & Stationery, White Board, Gifts, toy & art, health protect, magnetic massage pad, etc. The quality follow ISO90
01 management. We are one of important leading supplier in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

Raw dolomite of two qualities group according to MgO & SiO2 content. Micronized dolomite products (down to 38 microns).

Manufacturers & exporters of micronised minerals like talc, calcite, dolomite, mica, china-clay, barytes for the use as fillers in the industries like paints, cosmetics, plastics, PVC pipes, ceramic, soaps & detergents & many more. Minerals manufactured - talc, calcite, dolomite, mica, china-clay, barytes.
Whiteness offered - from 85 % onwards upto 97 %. Particle/mesh size offered - 325 mesh onwards upto 10 microns.

We are suppliers of niobium and tantalum ores from West Africa. We supply different grades on regular and spot delivery base. Our company is with-owned by German engineers and guarantees constant quality and in-time deliveries. Moreover we are selling agents trading in different ores we don't mine ourselves.

Zidovudine USP24/BP2000; Guaifenesin USP24; Guaiacol 99%min; Chloramphenicol BP2000/USP24; Thiamine Hydrichloride USP24/BP2000; Thiamine Mononitrate USP24/BP2000; Glyoxalic Acid 40%; Vanillin; Vitamin E; Agrochemical raw materials; Amoxicillin USP24/BP2000; 7-ACA; 7-ADCA.

International fur trading company facing international market, specializing in import and export of raw hides and skins, semi and finished fur, leather, and etc. Every year we export a great quantity of domestic furs, including rex rabbit skin, rabbit skins, mink, Chinese raccoon, weasel skin, lamb skin, sheep skin, pearl skin, etc. As well as rex rabbit plate, rabbit plate, weasel plate and other kinds of plates to global market.

Importproducts: In the meantime, every year we import large
quantities fur material which is badly needed in domestic market from abroad, such as fox, mink, red fox and sheep skin etc.

Russian Federation
Best quality licorice root prepared in Volga-
Akhtuba flood-lands.

Importproducts: Licorice root.

Professional company that specializes in providing pure natural herbs, herbal extracts, food additives, dietary supplements, essential oils, and pharmaceutical intermediates. More than 600 various standardized herbal extracts, essential oils, food additives, and chemical compounds available.

We are currently looking for serious overseas buyers to introduce our products in their regions. Commodity: dutile iron manhole covers and pipe fittings Our goods are producing according to BS EN124 standard. And have achieved BSI certificate. Certificate number is KM60007 and KM60251. If you would like to know more or would like to get product information in detail, please send an inquiry or visit our website. Our factory pursuits the principle that customer is the first, prestige is the most lofty.


Importproducts: Balls and ball bearings made in China!

We are specialized in supplying high-purity metals, As, Te, Sb, Bi, Sn, Cd. (4N, 5N, 6N, 7N), special metals Co, Ni, Bi, Li, chemical compounds, oxides. W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Re etc. For further information, please visit our website.

Based in Klang, Malaysia, have been dealing with natural rubber (RSS/SMR/latex), gloves (examination latex gloves/surgical gloves/household gloves), disposable medical products (syringes/catheters/surgical garments).

Specializing in the harvesting of fresh, open water,
certified organic, certified Kosher Klamath's Best-TM Blue Green Algae since 1987.

Details of motorbike. Details offer compressor of air-
conditioning of car. Details offer compressor of air-conditioning of
car. The seat of bearing for hub of automobile (the export product).

Exporters of Polystyrene GPPS, HIPS and coloured PS from India. Looking for new distributors in Europe.

We specializing in developing producing and selling
cork products. We can supply all kinds of them, our main cork
products (corkgranule, cork sheet cork floor tile, cork pad)are
of high quality and reason price. We also are able to provide
our sample books, brochure and our quotation with any delay if
you are interested in any of them.

Furs leathers shearing reptiles caiman nappalan
nutria fox goat cow sheep napa suede pigskin scrap lining collar
crocodiles fuscus garments jacket coat gloves.

Importproducts: Scraps of leathers and furs and double face and

Our co. is the exporting group and stock-holder for
manufacturing exporting products in China, mainly exports minerals and raw materials, seafood and packaging bags, etc. We now can supply reliable and large quantity of natural amorphous graphite, artificial graphite, electrolytic graphite, graphite blocks, recarburizers, calcined petroleum coke, calcined kaolin powder, spodumene powder, chlorite powder, tourmaline, zeolite, dolomite, feldspar, calcite, cenospheres, various bags, quick frozen shrimps/prawns etc.

We specialize in manufacturing the hand tools products for 8 years experience, especially the combination slip-joint pliers, water pump pliers, double open end wrenches, adjustable wrenches, L-handle socket wrenches, locking grip pliers, combination wrenches sets etc. The quality is good and the price is competitive.

Aspen/alder: pallet material. Birch: KD, planed,
furniture components. Larch. Flooring material.

We are importer of stainless steel material mainly of
stainless steel sheet, coil, plates, pipes etc.

We are importers of different textile waste, acrylic tow waste, polyester tow waste, acrylic soft waste, hard waste.

Exports management on agro-sector products, buy jet
fuel, D-2, slco, blco. Exports: naphtha.

We're a natural rubber manufacturer in Thailand. Our products: RSS, ADS and latex.

Importproducts: Export: natural rubber, RSS, ADS and latex, palm oil.

Paying attention to the leading technology and promotion of technique progress, we have formed independent core- technique system. Our products include all sorts of primary, semi finished and finished tungsten and molybdenum products and extend to depth processing products with annual producing capacity of over 10, 000 tons. Powder products: tungstates, molybdates, cobalt oxalate, tungsten oxides molybdenum oxides, cobalt oxides, tungsten powders, molybdenum powder, tungstern-carbide powder, cubic carbide powders particulate materials of various grades.
Ready Tools: solid carbide tools - various twist drills, G type drills, end mills, slot drius, ball-nose mills, tap, reamers, and reamers with inner cooling systems. Carbide cutting Tools--Brazed helical milling inserts with large milling diameters insuring high cutting efficiency index able turning tool holders as Per ISO Standard. Tungsten & molybdenum products: pure tungsten products, tungsten alloys, pure molybdenum products, molybdenum alloys, molybdenum rods and molybdenum wires.

From the beginning, we import few kinds of products
from different country. With several years of hard effort, not only we are engaged in importing/exporting products that are extensively applied in the field of foundry and Metallurgy but also we are exclusive agent for several famous factories from all over the world. On the other hand, we keep on looking and cooperating with potential factories who intend to make an investment in Taiwan to enlarge our business line. We are willing to be an sole agent in Taiwan for those who plan to develop Taiwan market.

We are strong supplier of natural raw materials, including nutritional supplements, vitamin, herbal extract, nutraceutical and amino acids. We have our own joint-venture factory in China. Now, We hope to establish a stable business relation with you! We will provide you with quality products, competitive price and exceptional service. We prefer to be your stable and powerful supplier in China. We also can supply some very newest and potential product in the world market because our company has been engaged in developing new products for a long time.

Importproducts: Food additives, herbals, amino acids, vitamins, steroids, vitamins.

We are the exporter of fresh Indian botanical herbs, herbal plants, herbal and ayurvedic medicines, neem & castor related products. Our quality will be the best with the competitive prices. We can supply any bulk or small quantity. For more information contact us our mail ids.

We are a stockist, service center and a trader of flat rolled steel products, mainly dealing with the supply of the following items for export to various countries;
-Hot Dip Galvanized coils/sheets
-Hot Rolled coils/sheets
-Cold Rolled coils/sheets.

As we are one among the agent in India for finished leather (goat, sheep, cow & buffalo) for upper / lining.

My company supply sand stone on cheap rates from market to you for detail information you can contact me. We also can supply you fabrics as per your requirement on cheap rates.

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