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Global health and medical products exporters database

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Country: India
Description: We are one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in
India. We would like to offer our bulk drugs like:- Dicylomine
Hydrochloride BP, Rofecoxib & Chlorzoxazone USP for Exports.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Shuenn Bao's main business is the design and
manufacture of mask. We also accept OEM for overseas company.
Excellent quality, best design and low cost make our products being
very competitive in the market.

Country: China
Description: We have processed our local mushroom products and
export ed to foreign country since 1998.Our health and medicinal
mushroom products main market is in Japan, USA, Europe and South
Africa. We produced following mushrooms: maitake (Grifola frondosa)
powder and extract, Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) powder and extract,
Agaricus blazei powder and extract, shiitake (Lentinula edodes)
powder and extract, Hericium erinaceus powder, also we processed
whole dry mushrooms, canned mushroom, sliced mushroom, salted
mushroom. We used electric machines to dry our products and used
high technology to process mushroom powder and extract. We have
built new factory to process our mushroom products. We also built
mushroom farm by ourselves. So we can control our mushroom products
quality, SO2, Heavy metals. We used natural water and free chemical
material to cultivate our mushroom. Our mushroom products is natural
food, Green foods, No any environmental pollution foods and free
chemical. Another reason we are located in Chinese original mushroom
growing place. So we can supply high quality and best price mushroom
products for our new and old customer from China and foreign

Country: Germany
Description: We are one of the biggest suppliers of tribulus
terrestris with sapponin contents fron 35% to 40%, Flowsamen
(psyllium husk) and many more Indian Herbs used for Health purposes
and sports medicines.

Country: Jordan
Description: Water proof bed sheets and pillows for hospitals and
hotels. We export water proof bed sheets and pillow covers for
hospitals and hotels and households (suitable for children and old
people who have no control on urinating). Product suitable as bed
and mattress protector, can be boiled 700 times on high boiling
tempretures in ordinary washing machines. Product made of; Face: 80%
cotton + 20% elastic, bottom: rubber coating, colors; white, blue
and light purple.

Country: China
Description: Manufacture & export for aneroid sphygmomanometers &
thermometers & stethoscopes & syringes & infusion sets & gloves &
etc. With high quality. (CE mark) and best price on FOB ShangHai
from China

Country: Malaysia
Description: We are condoms manufacturer in Malaysia. We offer
various type of condoms in good quality and price. We are looking
for oversea distributor to market our branded condoms.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are producing surgical instruments, of all types
from the last twenty years. If you are interested in our products
please let us know so that we can send you product information.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We manufacture only high quality stainless steel
products and use the selected material in the ranging from hunting,
pocket, fish, boot knives and knives with key ring, swords 28" to
42" length, kitchen category, all kind of surgical instruments and
manicure instruments, etc under one roof.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are the quality manufacturers and exporters of
surgical and medical instruments. We provide these quality
instruments on economical prices. We are looking for importers in
foreign markets. We assure you that we will be providing you the
best of quality.

Country: Iran
Description: We as urine bags manufacturer in Iran acc. to
international medical standards would like to export its

Country: China
Description: We are glad to tell you that we are the manufacture
and exporter of various kinds of hair and wig products in Shandong
province, China. We export this products to many countries. our
company establish long business relations with others and good
reputation by the superior quality, reasonable price and well
design. We have our own factory and also can manufacture wigs
according to your requirement. Would you please tell us your
requirement in details? such as the quantity, specification,
packaging, and so on.

Country: China
Description: Glad to avail this opportunity to introduce myself. We
are a supplier and exporter of medical products, such as medical
instrument, medical dressing, Disposable medical, etc.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers of CE certified intra ocular
lenses made from FDA Approved PMMA CQUV. We also manufacture visco
elastics, ophthalmic instruments and blades.

Country: Pakistan
Description: With its inception in 1973 starts emerging as dynamic,
progressive and well managed organization in manufacturing Hospital
Wares, Surgical, Dental, Bons Instruments and Scissors of all sorts
We are also specialized in top quality Tailor / Barber / Utility
Scissors. ( we have our special arrangements to make RAZOR EDGE
cutting blades on different Cutting Edge Radios 35 / 45 / 55 and 60
Degrees). In 1987 Corporation in order to open new vistas for
promotion & progress starts connecting Trade relation in
International market by introducing quality products up to the
maximum level of valuable customers.

Country: China
Description: We are the professional soy isoflavone manufacturer in
China, supplying various kinds of soy isoflavone such as 20%, 30%,
40%, 60% soy isoflavone, water-soluble isoflavone and Genistein.
Characteristics: 1.naturally extracted from soybean, 2. Non-GMO, 3.
Light yellow powder, 4. Reasonable ratio of Daidzin/Genistin as it
is in soybean.

Country: China
Description: Our company specializes in the making of high quality,
effective massage products. It is now one of the largest
manufacturers and exporters of massage products in China with its
annual turnover of more than $20, 000, 000. We operate over 20
branches in China and set up an international network covering the
United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy,
Sweden, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other regions. Our products
have been selling well and met warm reception abroad.

Country: India
Description: This is a pharmaceutical company manufacturing bulk
drugs as well as finished products like medicines, tablets,
capsules, syrups both kind dry as well as liquid, also injections.
so we manufacture a lot of products and already doing lot of
exports in middle east countries and almost whole of Africa. Want
to export at any part of the world and can do that. Company has a
website address and just check-in a long list of products. Give us
a chance to deal with.

Country: India
Description: We are exporters Of India, into this field for the
last 20 years specializing into ready made garments, hand knotted
wollen, silk, artificial silk carpets, handicrafts to various
countries in Europe and Asia. Our expertise lies into sourcing best
quality hand made products from all over India.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We being manufacturers and exporters of variety of
herbal products, here wish to offer our truly effective herbal
analgesic ointment brand name as "PainFoe" for sure relief to all
sorts of body/muscles/joints pain related to: Arthritis, Backache,
Gout, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Sprains and Strains. We
supplying in plastic laminated tubes of 45grams net @ US$2.50 Per
Tube inclusive transportation charges. We prefer to supply only
against advance payments. Our PainFoe ointment being prescribed by
Orthopedic surgeons/doctors in their hospitals/clinics. Uptil now
being appreciated by 100% of applicants as the best available
product for muscles and joints pain.

Country: China
Description: Our company is manufacturers and sellers based on
medical devices and some drugs. Our products are bellow: 1. Medical
devices: Sterile scalpel with plastic handle, stainless steel
surgical knife handle, stitch cutter scalpel, sterile surgical
atraumatic suture needles(with thread), latex medical products,
wheelchair, tube, surgical blade, gauze, bandages, and plasters,
disposable skin stapler, tumor diagnosis kit, operatng table,
endoscope, urine bag, infusion set, syringe series, injection
needle, oral inspection set, vaginal dilator, gynecological
apparatus, nursing kits, family healthcare goods.

Country: China
Description: enterprise which is specialized in the development of
useful ingredients of traditional Chinese herbal medicine and
natural plants. We are one leading manufacturer and exporter of
botanical extract in China. We have advanced technology and plenty
experience. We have six sets of automatic modern equipment which
can produce ten tons of materials every day. We also have lots of
other advanced equipment which enable us to produce over 100 kinds
of herbal extracts. Our main products include Naringin, Synephrine,
Salicin, Icariin and so on. They are all made to meet international
requirement. Excellent quality, reasonable price, rapid delivery
and good service ensure us to provide various products to lots of
companies and export our products to all over the world.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We manufacturer and export, manicure pedicure
implements, scissors, tweezers, nail care, nail nipper, cuticle
nippers, facial tools. we are looking for potential buyers,
distributors for mass market.

Country: India
Description: An ISO 9002 organization engaged in manufacturing and
export of a wide range of products which are "CE" certified and
adhere to "DIN" standards: medical disposable, equipment & hospital
dressings, laboratory glassware, laboratory reagents & fine
chemicals and personal protection gloves. We have been exporting
our products to various prestigious international institutions
through projects funded by World Bank, African Development Bank,
Asian Development Bank and other bilateral and multilateral
agencies. We are exporting regularly to Africa, Middle East, Latin
America, South East Asia and Russia.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are running a big Organization which is well
equipped with most skilled workers and we are producing our
Surgical Instruments according to the satisfaction of our
customers, all our buyers are very happy with our supply, quality
and prices. We have a long arrangements of supply and we can meet
all your requirements in times. We are producing the following
products detail is as under:
1). Surgical Instruments.
2). Dental Instruments.
3). All sorts of Surgical Scissors.
4). Mani cure Instruments.
5). Nail Cutter and Nail Nipper.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturer exporter of Pharmaceutical
Formulations / Herbal products, we can offer tablets, capsules, dry
syrups, liquid oral, injections, softgelatin capsules, ointments
and creams in pvc-alu blisterpack, alu-alu strip pack, glass
bottles, glass vials, plastics (ldpe/hdpe) jars/bottles. We can
offer any formulation in our brand name/neutral lable or contarct
manufacture the product in buyers brand name.

Country: India
Description: We are the exporters of herbal beauty and health
products. We are having solutions for the hair falling, shampoo,
hair oils, skin care lotions, face creams, and many other items.
Please contact for details and catalogues.

Country: Malaysia
Description: We are Malaysian pioneer in the manufacturing of
innovative condoms and a wide range of Babycare accessories since
1978. We provide in-house brands and OEM contract manufacturing for
private brands. Our plants are certified to ISO9002, EN46002 and BS
EN ISO 9002 Quality Systems.

Country: Uk
Description: I am a dealer of good quality used medcial equipments,
Ultrssound, Dopplers, Echo cardigraphy, Endoscopes(gastroscopes),
cmaera & processor, light sources, suction, Anaesthesia,
vaporisers, ECG, monitors, NIBP, Pulse Oximeter, Diatheremy,
Incubators, Hospitalsbeds, trolleys, Opertaing tables, Operating
lights, New Surgical & Dental instruments. nebuslisers, Wheel
Chairs. and many more.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Long established manufacturer & exporter of a series
of Blood Pressure Monitor and Gauge as of the year 1975 with strong
circulation over 30 countries worldwide.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Manufacturers and exporters of surgical/ dental /
veterinary instruments, manicure and pedicure instruments. Seeking
new outlets for our products. Inquiries invited for us to send
details, samples, prices.

Country: Thailand
Description: We are a leading exporter of Irene soap from Thailand.
We are looking for exclusive distributors in many areas. Those who
are seriously interested, please kindly feel free to contact us for
a further discussion.

Irene soap is a 100% vegetable oil based bar that is enriched with
Vitamin E, Concentrated Moisturizer and Palm Oil Nutrients to help
enhance the skin's moisture balance, leaving it with a healthy glow
and revitalising fragrances. Irene is now available in two aromatic
fragrances - Jasmine Princess and Lily Princess - and Lavender
Princess is coming out soon. Irene = 70gm x 144 pcs/ctn and 1, 835
ctns / 20ft.

Country: Lithuania
Description: We manufacture products for health care. You know that
the most important thing in our life is our health; Health is not
all, but without health all turns to nothing. In our civilization
we use a lot of toxics things. So we must take care of our health.
How can we? I would like to offer two our health care devices into
your market: 1. water electrolyzer PTV; 2.device EKSTRA-LOR for
prophylaxis and treatment of snore. I will send all information and
its prices upon your request. These devices are certified. I will
send you the certificates upon your request. They are very useful
for applying principles of healthy lifestyle and methods of non-
traditional medicine.

Country: Italy
Description: Company which has been working in the pharmaceutical
field since 1973 and is leader in Italy in the product for
intimate, personal hygiene and skin care, in effect our products
are widely used in proctology, dermatology and general hospital
use. This leadership is due not merely to the solid credibility and
esteem gained over the years, but also to a sales network
comprising 80 agents and 20 depots which enables to be operate
throughout the whole of Italy. In recent years we has undertaken
business partnerships with many foreign companies with a view to
increasing exports and would indeed be interested in establishing a
similar relationship with your drugstores chain. We have already
obtained the F.D.A. approval for two of our products, Proctonet
liquid and Proctonet plus (Otc cream for hemorrhoids).

Country: Pakistan
Description: Pharmaceutical and Vaccines Manufacturers ISO
9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 Certified Exporters for Vaccines:
Hepatitis B Tetanus Toxoid. Exporters for Finished Pharmaceutical
Products: Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate Inj., Cefotaxime Sodium Inj.,
Dihydrotemesinin Tabs., Ciprofloxacin Tabs., Nimesulide Tabs.
Please contact for full range of pharmaceutical products and

Country: China
Description: We are producing syringe, infusion set, surgical
glove, vaginal speculum, hypodermic needles, i.v.cannula, bulb
irrigation syringe, gauze, bandage, pregnancy test strip, scalp
vein sets, hemodialysis and blood line, anesthetic kits, urine
drainage bags, feeding tube, stomach tubes, rectal tube, foley
catheter, surgical dressings, glasses and sunglasses, all kinds of
papers. We can also supply syringe production line including
injection machine, needle assembling machine and blister packing

Country: Thailand
Description: Experienced manufacturer of high quality nitrile
gloves & latex examination gloves in Thailand & Taiwan has special
prices to offer.

Country: USA
Description: We manufacture and distribute Mentrust and Femtrust,
hairloss treatments for men and women respectively. A prominent U.S
scientist is the discoverer of these lotions.

Country: Israel
Description: We has developed new disposable personal UV warning
patch. The patch reacts to UV radiation in a similar manner to that
of the user's skin, and provides unambiguous color warning when the
cumulative exposure corresponds to permissible value for his skin
type. The patch absorbs the sunscreen lotion in a similar way to that of
the skin and is for use only with sunscreen. This help avoids skin
damage, eyes injury and reduces the risk of skin cancer. The patch
can be attached to clothing, footwear, equipment, etc.

Country: India
Description: Manufacturers and exporters of sterile and non-sterile
latex examination/surgical gloves in low powdered, chlorinated
powder free, siliconized and polymer coated varieties as per
ASTM/EN/IS standards.

Country: India
Description: We are a 20 year old pharma company having capability
and expertise to manufacture all type of Soft Gelatin Capsule at
the most competing rates.

Country: India
Description: Manufacturer & exporter of all type of scientific
instrument, laboratory equipment, glassware like burette, pipette &

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a specialized manufacturer and exporter of
healthcare and household environment appliances in Taiwan. Our R&D
teams develop innovative products every year. Our products include
spa massager series, ozonizer series and negative potential body
energizer series etc.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers of natural antioxidants -
Lycopene (Tomato Extract) and Lutein (Marigold Flower Extract) from
India. We also manufacture nutraceutical ingredient -Soya
isoflavones and special animal feed ingredients like saponin free
soya Deoiled cake and saponin free soya protein isolates. Ours is
100% Export Oriented Unit and we are exporting our products
worldwide from last 4-5 years.

Country: Korea (South)
Description: We are manufacturer of facial essence mask sheet based
in s.korea for example " Facial essence Mask Sheet"(Collagen,
Whitening, Aloe, Herb, Greentea & Seaweed etc ) We looking for biz
partner who want to have mutual benefit each other.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Manufacturing and exporting manicure, pedicure
implements since 1963.E.G nail nippers, cuticle nippers, nail
nipper, barrel spring, toe, nail scissors, cuticle scissors, arrow
point scissor, dressing scissors, barber scissors, thinning
scissors, stork scissors, house hold scissor, paper scissor, eye
brow tweezers, nail file, pusher, pusher knives, elevators etc.
Well reputed name, committed to this profession and can be relied
upon for its very fair dealings, the workmanship and the skill it
has and at the top the speedy and in time service it renders.

Country: China
Description: We are a listed import and export company and are an
export sole agent of Komate Bio-spectrum Sauna. It is the modern
pioneering high-tech product which is developed for health and
beauty for the public. It integrates the engineering study of human
body, bio-spectrum technology, the traditional medical theory, the
western medical theory and electro-scientific technology. Our sauna
has many functions----to enhance immune system, ameliorate blood
circulation, modulate endocrine imbalance and make embellishment of
skin and so on.

Country: China
Description: A leading manufacuturer and exporters of Green tea
extracts and Natural Standardized herbal extracts in China. We can
supply almost all sorts of standardized herbal extracts (More than
1000 kinds).

Country: China
Description: We are manufacturer of red yeast rice. Exporting our
products to wide world. Red yeast rice is used as ingredient to
lower serum total cholesterol. The styles are Lovastatin

Country: Pakistan
Description: Import and export surgical instruments and manicure
instruments, special barber chairs.

Country: China
Description: We are manufacturer which deals with science studying
and producing natural animals and plants extraction products. It's
organized by famous biochemistry specialists and professors from
China Pharmaceutical University.
We main manufacture following products:
2.Water-soluble Chitosan( carboxylmethyl chitosan)
3.Chondroitin sulfate
4.Chitosan Oligo Saccharide(Oligoglucosamine)
6.St. John's wort
7.Kava Kava
8.Bear gallbladder(Tauroursodeoxycholic acid).

Country: China
Description: We are one of largest manufacturers of disposable
medical products in China, our products include syringes, infusion
sets, blood transfusion sets, blood bags, urine drainage bags,
hypodermic needles, vagina speculum, umbilical cord clamp, having
got CE mark, EN46002 CERTIFICATE, ISO9002 certificate.

Country: Russian Federation
Description: Our main products is diagnostic medical equipment
VALENTA: 12 lead Resting ECG, Stress-Test, Heart Rate Variability,
Spirometer, Reograph (electro-plethysmograph), Holter ECG.
NEO products have been prevalent in Russia medical market. There
are more than thousand hospitals installed with VALENTA ECG systems
in all the regions of Russia. We are looking for more distributors
around the world so if you are interested to become our distributor
in your country then please contact us for more information and
favorable conditions.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Manufacturers & exporters of Manicure / Beauty Care
Instruments, Scissors of all sorts, Leather Garments, Sports Goods
and all sorts of Gloves. With experience of over the years and our
total commitment in making and providing the quality products, we
have become the main supplier of all sorts of Scissors, Cuticle
Nippers, Nail Cutters and Tweezers. In the line of Leather Garments
and Sports Goods we mainly produce and supplies Leather Jackets,
Motor Bike / Cycling Gloves, Soccer Balls and Goal Keeper Gloves.
Certification and implementation of QSR (cGMP), CE Mark & ISO9002
ensures the quality of our products.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We wish to avail this opportunity to introduce our
company as manufacturers & exporters of Manicure, Pedicure
Instruments, Scissors of all sorts and Surgical, Dental Inst. as
well. We are the pioneers and custodians of our heritage evolved in
the start of 1990 by our ancestors, which gradually spread all over
the world market through our continuous commitment and developments
in providing the superior quality products. We are specialized in
all sorts of Scissors, Cuticle Nippers, Nail Cutters, and Tweezers.
We successfully have achieved the approval of QSR (cGMP), CE Mark &
ISO 9002, which manifestly reflects in the workmanship and standard
of our products.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We would like to introduce our company as leading
manufacturers & exporters of all kinds of surgical, dental,
veterinary, knives, beauty care (pedicure & manicure), all kind of
scissors etc since long. Due to our extensive arrangements & long
experience in this field, we assure of Professional Quality
Products at Highly Competitive Prices.

Country: India
Description: We are leading manufacturers of herbal extracts which
we normally sale in local & export market. Some of the products we
deal are Lutein, Lycopene, Glucosamine, Glycosamine & other herbal
extracts upon customers demand.

Country: China
Description: We are specialized manufacturer of portable steam
sauna, far infrared sauna, slimming belt, nail printing machine,
facial steamer and other health care products for many years. We
export our series of products to more than 40 foreign countries,
with CE, CB, UL, SASO, SAA and other certifications.

Country: Netherlands
Description: Dutch company that produces OTC products for the
treatment of warts. Our main product is currently sold in over 25
countries across the globe. The objective of us is to be present in
your country as well. As a result of this, we are exploring
relationships with distributors that are interested in such

Country: Pakistan
Description: We make and export very fine quality the following items
and can supply you the same against best prices with in time delivery:
surgical / medical instruments like artery forceps, hemostatic
forcpes, sterlizing forceps, bones roungers, ras patries, surgical
scissors, bandage scissors, plaster shears, needle holders,
thhumb/tissue forceps, bone saws, bone holding/cutting forceps,
curretes, vaginal / cuscos / pederson / nasal speculums sponge
forceps, bebcock forceps, pean forceps, ochsner forceps and other
related items.

Country: China
Description: Our company is processing China Yam and Tall gastrodia
tuber by freeze-drying and other high-tech method. All the materials
come from Qinling Mountain, the natural treasure house for wild rare
plants in China. We have built up GMP system and work under ISO9000
condition. We can provide high quality china yam and gastrodia tuber
material and their product in large quantity and at competitive

Country: India
Description: Presenting our Compliment to you we avail this
opportunity to introduce this establishment as leading Manufacturers
and Exporters of the following:
Pharmaceuticals raw materials / bulk drugs.
Veterinary feed additives.
Finished formulations.
Surgical product.
Chemicals (fine & industrial).
Programme helps procuring even hard to get your Import requirement
covering all the above items, that meet your exact specification and
also maintain a steady supply as long as you need them and of course
at most competitive International prices that could be offered to
you backed by our integrated services than any other companies you
purchase from India.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturer and exporter all kind of surgical
instruments, dental instruments, scissors, tweezers, nippers
cutters, manicure pedicure items beauty kits etc, if you are
interested please contact us.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturer & exporter of medical disposable
product I. V. cannula in three types.

Country: USA
Description: Manufacture 2 mill s-steel endoscope air/water nozzles-
15 different types mold, endoscope seals, extrude-black silicone or
PVC tubing/thin wall, all products have to be made of medical class
six materials. I want to make these products in Asia.

Country: India
Description: We are an export house selling presterilised surgical
disposable clothing. 1998. Our products are of International
standard, prepared from imported raw materials from USA and
fabricated in India with sterilization by Gamma Irradiation at the
Sriram Institute (ISO 9001 CERTIFIED, DNV certification BV
Netherlands, S.A.R.C. CERT. NO. SARC/ 015814).
Our products are: aprons, buffent caps, surgeon’s caps, face masks,
face protectors, shoecovers, protogowns, surgeon’s gowns, wrap
around gowns, kits of all types (cesarean, maternity, surgeon’s),
leggings, sheets of all types (gynae, perineal, laparoscopy,
lapcholey, maternity, baby, bed, draw, spinal, ophthalmic, shower,
tent, craniotomy, surgical, spinesurgery, D.H.S. angiograph,
cardiac, polydrape), bags (fluid with suction nozzle), covers ( for
all O.T. NEEDS ) Drapes, Tapes, Kits (Arthoscopy, T.K.R. T.H.R.) All
supplies accompany certificate of sterilization from the Institute.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Kindly be noted that we are prominent manufacturer and
exporter of the following instruments and We have our office in
K.S.A and exporting our instruments in KSA.
Our range of products is as under: 1. Surgiacl instruments
2. Medical instruments
3. Dental instruments
4. Manicure items
5. Eye instruments.
6. And Scissor of all sorts.
Other items can also be supplied and manufactured upon receipt of
complete request, all items are available in all sizes shapes
straight curved polish and satin finish. All items also be provided
in very reasonable prices.

Country: India
Description: We are a unit of Narula Group and we have the expertise
in hospital supplies. We are taking the liberty of enclosing
herewith our Product Range for your ready reference. If our Product
Range is of interest to you and would like to meet our Vice
President during his trip to Addis Ababa. Please inform us
immediately enabling us to give his precise schedule and arrange his
meeting schedule with you.

Country: India
Description: We are the largest manufacturer of Medical devices in
India. We are ISO 9001 certified company and most of our product
range is CE marked. Our range includes I V cannulae, three way stop
cock, extension tubing etc. We invite distribution proposals from
Latin American Area.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are manufacture sterilization reels and pouches
since 1997. We use medical grade paper from France for our products.
We have got ISO 9001 and CE. If you interested to our products you
can feel free contact with you.

Country: Czech Republic
Description: We are exporters of Flypapers, which is a small tube
with a string, once this string is pooled out, a telescopic tube
with glue comes out and flies stick on it. It represents one of
the best solution to get of flies. The Flypapers is
environmentally safe and has no harmful effect on health.
Flypaper is being exported to the following countries: Italy,
Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Romania,
Slovak Republic, Portugal, and other. The product has been tested
according to the standard procedure. It is untoxic to health,
does not contain any carcinogenic materials.
Very interesting product for African and Asian Countries.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturers of "CRYSTAL ROCK SALT LAMPS",
these lamps are natural ionizers and are very good for human health
because they produces healthy negative ions which are helpful in
cure of illnesses i.e sleeplessness, tension, irritability,
migraine, breathing difficulty, depression apathy and fatigue.

Country: India
Description: Manufacturer & exporter of Disposable Baby Diapers in
small, medium, large, x-large sizes. We are presently serving our
clients in Countries like Australia, New Zealand, America, South
Africa etc. We customize the packing of the diapers as per the
requirement of the customers. We would be glad to answer further
queries & enquires.

Country: Malaysia
Description: We are manufacturer of dibagh soaps for use by Muslims
worldwide to cleans themselves against filth as defined by Islamic
religion. Every Muslim need to use this dibagh soap. Contact us for
details if your business activities include supplying to Muslim
consumers as well.

Country: China
Description: Specialized in the production, research and marketing
of the biochemical products applied in various field as
pharmaceuticals or food supplements, include heparin sodium,
lycopene, carotene, TBHQ, Citric acid and etc. Which the products
are all China origin, high quality and meet certain international
criteria accordingly. Welcome inquiry on any of our products.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a Taiwan manufacturer of health and leisure
products for the home and office. Our products include Far Infrared
portable, lie down sauna (innovative design with the most
competitive price on the market!), Far Infrared heat pads, bathtub
bubble massagers, ozonizers, and amplifiers. With over 20 years
experience in electronics, our 200 employees offer quality and
service that you can count on.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Manufacturer of dental and surgical instruments. we are
producing the best quality that's why we are selling our products in
Sweden, Austria, Australia, Germany and USA. Our products are
totally nickel free and according to the require standard of the
Instrument. We are looking the companies those are seriously require
the best quality instruments we can fulfill their requirement in
dental and surgical instruments.

Country: India
Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters
of Cut Gauze which is widely used in hospitals to cover the wounds.
We are exporting our products to Italy and impressed our buyer with
our best quality and service. We are looking for buyers all over the
Europe. Hence, we request further buyers for our product. We can
arrange the supply on BP and USP standards.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are the leading manufacturer of surgical,
veterinary, orthopedic and manicure instruments at the very
reasonable price. Do not hesitate to contact us we will provide you
the best service in time delivery and best quality instruments.

Country: China
Description: Glad to you are interested in medical equipments(ECG,
Wheelchair Series). We are a leading manufacturer of above items in
China. And mainly dealing ECG medical machine and Wheelchair Series

Country: India
Description: Company represents a company which is the biggest
tablets, soft & hard gelatin capsules producer in India for the past
40 years and is the only company which provides a live demonstration
for turnkey projects. It is WHO and GMP certified and are currently
exporting products to the United States of America, Russia, Korea,
Germany and many parts of Europe as well supplying to the major
pharmaceutical companies in India. We are able to handle large and
small packaging orders as well as manufacturing of bulk orders of
capsules ranging from 50, 000 to 2 million a day. We are WHO and GMP

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of quality surgical
instruments due installation of new unit our production capacity has
been increased due to which we want export our products more our all
production unit are working according to rule of ISO-9001: 2000 and
SA 8000.

Country: Italy
Description: 1) Distributes a complete range of sterile procedure
kits and trays for application in various surgical and medical
situations. 2) Imports and distributes on exclusive basis, covering
the whole Italian territory, specialist products of several
companies leader in the worldwide markets. 3) is also specialized in
the sales of: blood tubing circuits; arterial pressure monitoring
kits; anesthesia circuits; specialized custom circuits.

Country: China
Description: We are sino-American joined venture manufacturre. We
make one step HCG, HCV, HIV1/2, HBsAg, FOB, drugs of abuse and so
on. We also make ELISA test kits. We hope importers and distributors
can touch with us.

Country: Japan
Description: One of the best manufacturers of skin care cosmetics in
Japan, also a member of WTC Tokyo, produced "MD PhD". MD PhD,
developed by dermatologists & produced in Japan, are very unique
brand in the world with excellent designed packaging, already
receiving an excellent reputation throughout Japan. MD PhD, most
advanced skin care, prevents wrinkles, moisturizes, tones, lifts,
giving younger looking skin, UV protection. Clinically proven to
lighten age spots, MD PhD also helps prevent acne, etc. Company is
currently looking for Trade Partners, Exclusive Agent, or Exclusive
Distributor especially in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are Manufacturers and exporters of surgical, dental
instruments and scissors of all sorts.

Country: Korea (South)
Description: We are pleased to introduce our company as the leading
manufacturer of medical equipment in Korea. We have been dealing in
the full range of medical equipment for the last decade and
maintaining close established relations with medical institutions
and dealers in the U.S., Japan and other Far Eastern countries.
We also have manufactured the medical equipment as follows. A. Add
On Ultrasound 3D Converting System B. All kind of transducers
– probes (and repair service)
C. All kind of X-ray films
D. Developer and Fixer for X-ray film.

Country: China
Description: Our company is a local manufacturer in China, whose
operation office is located in the center of Shanghai city. Our
factory, which is of 150, 000 square meters large. We specialize in
producing and selling wheelchairs, commode chairs, crutches, canes,
and other products of many types. The output for wheelchair is 120,
000 sets per month. All the products are certificate by F.D.A, ISO
9002, and CE. Well known for their competitive price and superior
quality, they are not only popular in our domestic markets, but also
have fixed customers in the United States of America, Europe and
Japan market. Also we make many OEM works for some famous companies
and serve for a noted foundation who distributes our products as
donations worldwide.

Country: India
Description: One of the largest manufacturers of sulfamethoxazole,
an essential ingredient in many lifesaving drugs and medicines. We
also manufacture sodium methoxide, isoxamine and n-acetyl sulfanilyl
chloride. Any details on our products can be obtained at our
website, Any enquiry or suggestions are welcomed. For more details
please visit our website.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Offer: Brand new cosmetics & Cosmetics-sets. We are a
manufacturer & exporter of cosmetics in Taiwan for over 35 years,
and we like to export our brand new cosmetics & cosmetics/sets to
the worldwide markets.

Country: India
Description: We launched with an objective to manufacture and market
world-class affordable healthcare medicines, vaccines and
biologicals for humans. We are manufacturing and marketing Purified
vero cell rabies vaccine and Vaccines for Diphtheria, Pertussis,
Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis-B and Tetanus. We also provide
immunizations, vaccinations and treatment methods for all infectious
and bacterial diseases.

Country: India
Description: We are the leading exporter for latex rubber condoms,
canvas bags, groceries, Indian spices, pork meat, shrimps, food
grains, foods, agricultural commodities, onions, potatoes, grapes,
mango pulps etc.

Country: India
Description: Manufacturers and exporters of following pharmaceutical
raw materials colchicine BP/USP hyoscine n-butyl bromide BP
(scopolamine n-butyl bromide BP) Please send us your enquiries
enable offer competitively.

Country: Usa
Description: We are exclusive exporters of over 2000 products from
the United States. For the past 20 years, Leosons has been bridging
products manufactured in the US, to countries around the world. We
offer products such as Nice cough drops, Chooz anti-acid gum,
Xenadrine fat loss supplement, baby care line, household items,
Joint Flex glucosamine creme, sports supplements, and more. Please
contact us for further details.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are a general trading company. We usually deals in
exports of pharmaceuticals, fabrics, cotton yarns & Rice from
Pakistan. Our offices are also in Bangladesh, Myanmar & Srilanka.
We have also other associates in other fields in exports of other

Country: China
Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of natural products in
China. We supply high-qualified botanical extracts, herbal powders,
herbal tea bag cut, herbs, bee products and other nutrition

Country: Pakistan
Description: We take this opportunity and introduce ourselves that
we are the manufacturers and the exporters of Surgical, Medical and
Dental Instruments. We are offering to the importers and the
distributors for the full range of our premium quality instruments.
The instruments catalogue and the samples from our running
production can send at the request.

Country: China
Description: We are manufacturer of self-adhesive elastic bandage in
China, which are very similar to 3M's. We has passed the testing and
appraisal of the professional medical authorities. The effects and
functions of the product have reached international level while our
price is very competitive!

Country: Korea
Description: We export whitening toothpowder which is made of bamboo
salt, chitosan and xylitol. This product is a sure remedy for dental
caries, periodontal disease, gingivitis, parodontitis, dental
Plaque. The efficacy of White Clean Plus is established by KFDA
(Korea Food & Drug Administration).

Country: Pakistan
Description: We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our
precious product range of manicure & surgical instruments. Being one
of the prominent and leading manufacture and exporter of Manicure
and Surgical Instruments, we offer our source to meet your
requirements of said products.
Our manufacturing facility is producing Surgical, Manicure
Instruments and all kind of Scissors of finest quality. We are
catering the requirements of a large number of importers all over
the globe for the last 07 years. Our company has an excellent
reputation among its clients due to its quality products and

Country: India
Description: It is indeed pleasure introducing ourselves as India’s
largest growers, processors, collectors, exporters of Henna, Senna
Leaves, pods, aloe vera, vinca leaves, neem leaves (azardirectica
indica), aswagandha (withania somnipera), bawchi (serilia
cardifolia), bishop weed, ginger (zingiber officianalis), sarella
cardifolia, embella robusta, terminella chebula, emblica
officialinis, acacia arabica, terminalla arjuna, zizyphus jujuba,
asparagus racemosus, syzylum, boswellia serrata, tarmarindus indiaca
& other Indian herbs & roots. Besides we can also supply sennosides,
aloe vera extract, vincaloids and other phytochemicals and herbal

Country: India
Description: Mass producer of high quality ophthalmic glass
lenses of corning France. We are one of the Leading Reputed mass
Producer of high Quality Ophthalmic Glass Lenses offer you
corning glass lenses finished and semi finished. Lenses at most
reasonable prices with promptest delivery schedule.
Photo gray extra single vision bifocal semi finished.
Photo brown ext single vision bifocal semi finished.
White U.V. 1`.523 single vision bifocal semi finished.
White 1.7 hiindex single vision semi finished.
Multi coating anti reflactions on satish coat m/c).
Flat top bifocal pgx/pbx white finished and semi finished.
Hi index 1.8 semi finished.
Hi index 1.9 semi finished.
High quality best prices promptest delivery.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturers of fine quality surgical & dental
instruments also we are manufacturers of ceramic scissors, needle
holders, dental scalers and hair cutting scissors also bone plates
and screws.

Country: Macedonia
Description: The purpose of this letter is to introduce ourselves as
producers of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Our company is
recognized as one of the most important in this market. In view of
the succes, we have, we feel sure, that you will be interested in
our offer to establish a working relationship with your association.

Country: Germany
Description: We are a German manufacturer of the patented hair
growth product Capris method 24. It was a long and hard way to get
the patent for a hair growth product here in Germany.
The product is absolutely unique und natural. There are no secondary
effects. It is a three component system, which stimulates hair
growth absolutely efficient. Our company is looking for a
cooperation with distributors around the world.

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