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Food exporters and manufacturers database

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Country: Brazil
Description: We have direct representation of many Brazilian
industries that produce meat, beef, pork and chicken.
We have very competitive prices. Consult us about yours need.

Country: India
Description: We take this pleasure to introduce Lotus International
Trading Co. to you; we are an India (Chandigarh) based trading
company and our main areas of expertise have been in the trading of
Herbal products like- herbal medicines, single herb capsules, all
kinds of ayurvedic formulations (tablets, capsules, powders etc.),
different kinds of herbal tea (ayurvedic tea, asthma tea, blood
pressure tea, energy tea, slim tea, diab tea, memory tea and masala
tea) in loose and in tea bags, organic food, herbal cosmetics
(shampoo, face pack, hair oil, hair wash powder, body wash powder,
cleansing cream, face cream, ubtan, tooth paste etc.), herbal soaps
(neem soap, sandalwood soap, red sandalwood soap and tulsi soap),
essential oils, neem oil (industrial and medicinal use), brass
handicraft products, garments, traditional punjabi, lucknavi,
rajasthani dresses for ladies and gents, shawls (pashmina, angora,
woolen with hand made and machine made embroidery). We are in an
ever-ready position to supply and export quality products.

Country: China
Description: First of all, permit me introduce our company--Zhejiang
Haitong Food Group, a 18 years professional food processor and
exporter in Eastern China. We have 1500 employee and staff and
capital of USD30 million. We got certificate of ISO9002 and HACCP.
Our products include:
-- canned fruits: mandarin orange, yellow peach, white peach, bamboo
shoots etc.
-- frozen fruits and vegetables: noodle, soyabean, strawberry,
mandarin orange whole or segment, peach,pear, apple and
brocolli, broad bean, sword bean, cauliflower, asparagus, mixed
vegatable etc.
-- freeze dried fruits and vegetables: strawberry, peach, pork,
carrot etc.
-- fruit and vegetable juice: apple, pear, mandarin orange, peach,
strawberry, grape and carrot, onion, ginger etc.
-- dehydrated vegetable: carrot, green chive, tangerine etc.

Country: Romania
Description: Importer or distributor for our high-quality Romanian
wines, all made to EC standards by New World winemaker. So if you
have the vision and motivation.

Country: India
Description: We are associated with M/s. Royal Coffee co., a
South Indian Filter Coffee co. Manufacturing Since 1925, they are
situated in the heart of coffee producing belt, chikmangalur western
ghats. Being pioneers in the industry they offer coffee from grass
root to the ethnic tasty coffee cup.
We offer Coffee as follows:
1. 100% washed Arabica Plantation Roasted Coffee Beans.
2. Tailor made Roasted Beans blends (&Grinded) available.
3. All pack shall be made in 0.5lbs, 1lbs, 2lbs packed in edible
grade foil pack.
Fruits & vegetables: (photos attached) curry leaves, brinjals, and
drumstick & ladies finger besides all indian farm fresh vegetables.
greens (palak).
Fruits: mangoes (alphonsa, malgova), pomegranate & popeye.
Packing: 5 kg nett duly packed in cartoon box.
Dispatch: By Air
Your detailed enquiry will be appreciated and shall be promptly
replied. We have our esteemed clients spread over Asia, Australia
and other places. Please reply.

Country: Australia
Description: We are Indian tea export company since last 12 years we
are exporting our best quality tea from our Darjeeling and Assam
gardens to Germany and Japan we are search more tea buyers in the
said country and asking for more tea exporting business inquiries
from said country we are very much interested to sell our garden
best quality tea for export if any tea importers companies
interested than please send there inquiries through our e-mail we
send the tea samples.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers and exporter of high quality
'dehydrated white/red onion' in all grades i.e. kibble, chopped,
minced, granulated & powder.
We are equipped to supply 100% clean & assorted product with
required microbial. For product specification, microbial
specification, samples etc., please feel free to contact us.

Country: UK
Description: Fully established company Thai Taste Ltd is
successfully supplying to Major Supermarkets and wholesalers in the
U.K. its authentic brand of a complete range of Thai foods for use
by professional chefs and amateurs alike. Thai Taste is now a market
leader in its chosen field. All products are manufactured for us
under licence in Thailand and conform to the highest standards of
the Foods Standards Agency. The complete range has been developed in
conjunction with one of the top chefs in and his award winning
restaurant in Bangkok.

Country: France
Description: We are exporters of French wines to all continents and
foreign destinations. Search according to your needs:
We propose to find you any wine from the most simple to the most
prestigious on the French territory at the best price (Bordeaux,
Burgundy, Alsace, Beaujolais, Champagne, Corse, Jura, Languedoc,
Loire, Provence, Rhone Valley, South-West).
Grouped orders:
To help you lower your transport costs, we propose to group your
ordered wines in one of our warehouses in France before shipment to
your destination.

Country: China
Description: Company is a multiple-producing enterprise with science
and technology, industry and commerce. It is the largest producer
and also the biggest market quotient in the oligosaccharides
industry in China, which has passed ISO9002 of the International
Quality Management and Quality Certification System. The company and
Microbiology Institute of China Science Academy, have developed the
functional biological sugar source--oligosaccharides, This new
biological active sugar source integrates nutrition, healthy and
food therapeutic effects, thus becomes a new physiological active
sugar source, and has been extensively used in sector of medicine,
health, food, etc.

Country: Portugal
Description: Care-wine is a Portuguese company that represents some
of the most famous independent wine producers, we have the
representation of some jam?s producers and some organic olive oil.
If you are interested in organic wine we represent the producer that
is number one in the Portuguese market. We are the commercial part
of the business. We sell the products.

Country: India
Description: We are Merchant Exporter of Indian agro & engineering
products like herbs, spices, machinery parts, flours etc. We have
been exporting to countries like Tanzania, Singapore, Taiwan, UK,
all kind of Indain spices(whole/power)like dry red chilly, turmeric,
cloves, cumin, canned mango pulp(kesar/alphanzo), black/white
pepper, crushed black peper, corriender seed, dehydrated onion
(kibbled/powder), dehydrated garlic& ginger, sundried tomato (for
pizza, pasta & salad toppings). We do have whole whaet flour
(chakkiatta), super wheat flour (MAida) etc.

Country: Indonesia
Description: Producer of corn starch, glucose syrup, corn oil,
maltodextrin. Glucose Syrup can sell in bulk. Price competitive.

Country: Thailand
Description: We are a leading Thailand's exporter of jasmine rice,
personal care products, cosmetics, non-leather bags and drinking
straw. We are looking for expanding more long-term business co-
ordination to many international markets.

Country: Italy
Description: My name is John Battista, I am the commercial director
of "Cantina ed Oleificio della Riforma Fondiaria di Massafra". Our
plant gets its origin at the end of 19th century, then at the
beginning of the years Fifty, changed its society assets into an
Agricultural co-operative Firm. We produce very high quality
products, and until last year our main customers have been big
wine's and oil's merchants, who used to buy our products in bulk
row condition.
We produce White Verdeca, Red Sangiovese, Rose' Malvasia, I.G.T.
and table wines (I.G.T. stands for typical geographical indication)
and also extra virgin olive's oil, made from hand picked olives,
coming from traditional and organic AIAB certified agriculture.

Country: Argentina
Description: Our firm is an Argentine company dedicated to the
exportation of frozen and slaughtered lamb following the Halal
rigorous standards and they are sold in carcass (two halves) or in
cuts asked by customers. Our lambs are feed with natural grass in
the deserted Patagonia lands and drinking water thaw coming from
Andes mountain range. It is a qualitative and healthful food.
We have the course of each lamb, from its birth to its slaughter in
the refrigerator. This is very appreciated because you know the
animal origin. We have 250.000 heads of cattle of this type.
The features of the meat are rasher, very soft and tasty, very
qualitative and we offer it in an excellent price. This lamb is
sold with bones.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are food and beverages manufactures, our product
are nata de coco, natural fiber drink, desicated coconut, coconut
powder, packing in plastic cup, standing pouch, tetra pak. We can
supply 5 "40 fcl per month. We have Lingshi cultivation at west
java and produce extract Lingshi.

Country: South Africa
Description: We are a trading and transport company situated in
Johannesburg south Africa and export all types of commodities
(including fresh, dried, canned, fruit and nuts) allover Africa and
are looking to expand our market to UK and would like to establish
relationships with importers in UK should you be interested please
contact us.

Country: Argentina
Description: We are producer and exporters of all products from
Argentina sea, however too wines, fruits & vegetables.

Country: China
Description: China based manufacturer and exporter of dehydrated
vegetables, nut and fruits including garlic, ginger, onion, carrot,
peppers, apple rings, cabbage, peanuts, and more.

Country: China
Description: Here is Anhui Cereals Oils and Foodstuffs I/E (Group)
Corp. ( AHCOF). One of the top 500biggest foreign trade companies
in China. annual volume of import and export has made breakthrough
of USD200 million. The following is part of our items: Frozen
Cooked Crawfish Meat 1KG X 12/CTN 2 KG X 6/CTN L size
M size 100-150PCS/LB
S size 150-200PCS/LB
Whole Crawfish 5LB X 2/CTN 15 pcs/LB, 15-20pcs/LB
20-28 pcs/LB
Fresh Frozen Silver Fish 1KGX10/CTN 500G X20/CTN 3-5CM
10CM and up
Vegetarien Spring Rolls 28g x20/box x20/CTN
17g x22 x6/CTN
20g x60 x6/CTN
40g x30 x 6/CTN
Vegetarien samosa 15g x22/box x24/CTN
Vegetarien dumpling 20g x20/bag x10/CTN
Frozen Sesame ball 25g x25/bagx10/CTN
Vegetarien bun 30g x20/bag x10/CTN
Pineapple can 567g x24 /ctn, 425 x24/ctn, 3006 g x6/ctn.

Country: Italy
Description: We are an Italian food agency specialized in exporting
tomatoes, boiled vegetables, pasta and macaroni. Our office is
located between Naples and Salerno in a city called Nocera
Inferiore. This city is in the centre of an area which is renowned
for producing the world famous "San Marzano tomatoes". We produce
and export tomato paste, whole peeled & puree tomatoes and other
typical products like the well-know pasta. Our products are tested
for quality and hygenic transformation and we take care of our
clients by giving them a personalised service and assistance.

Country: Egypt
Description: We are leading company for exports since 1948 to all
countries all over the world. We are exporters for best agriculture
products like hulled sesame seeds, natural sesame seeds, all kinds
of spices, Dairy products, desiccated coconut. We are agents to the
best Jute mills of the world and we can supply all jute and Jute
yarn products.

Country: India
Description: We are one of the leading tea exporters based in
India. Our brand is very well renowned in some of the European
countries. We export tippy whole leaf, CTC, Darjeeling and Dust
grade. The packaging can be done in wooden chests, paper sacks,
jute bags, chestlets, cradboard boxes and tea bags.

Country: China
Description: We are the only one trehalose producer in China.
Monthly output is 50 metric tons and FOB price is Euro $4.99 per
kilo for food grade trehalose with 98% purity. The crystalline
trehalose is widely used in food additives, medicines and
cosmetics. It can be used to replace some of the sucrose in foods
which need sugar but less sweet is desired. Trehalose is also used
for food and fruit fresh keeping. It has a significant feature in
moisture keeping when applied in cosmetics.

Country: Bylarus
Description: We are specializing in production of Pike Perch
(Stizostedion lucioperca) fillets. The fillet of a pike perch is
divided in the sizes and packed separately: 70-120 gr, 120-170 gr,
170-230 gr, 230-300 gr, 300-500 gr, 500 + gr. Packing-5kg cartons.
IQF. Skin on. Glazing- 6-8%, PBI. At the moment we can offer the
fillets by 3, 7 Euro DDU Europe.

Country: Spain
Description: We act into the Spanish food market as agent of
purchases for some importers around the world. We have a wide
knowledge about the Spanish food market and we are able to
represent your interest in Spain. We are able to offer our services
of placing any product from Spain.

Country: China
Description: I am glad to introduce our company to you as one of
the largest producers of Xanthan gum. Our company is specialized in
producing food Grade Xanthan gum. We know your company is a large
food company. We are not sure if you are using Xanthen gum as
stabilizer. We can offer you our food grade Xanthan with various
viscosities, and high temperature stabilities. We also supply
dispersible grade (60mesh, 80mesh) product. If you are interested
in this product Or if you need some small samples, please feel free
to contact me at any email address.

Country: USA
Description: We are the wholesaler and distributors for many highly
reputed world class companies. We supply the following products
world over:
* Natural Mixed carotenoids derived from Marine Algae Dunaliella
Salina and Spirulina in Vegitable oil in bulk and soft gel
capsules. * Spray dried Algal Powder containing 1 to 2 % Beta
* Spray dried Spirulina Plantensis
* Mixed Spray dried Spirulina and Dunaliella Salina *
Nutraceuticals and many other formulations.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are one of the biggest producer and exporter of
herbs (including medicinal herbs), spices, essential oils, seeds,
dried fruits and vegetables and pulses in Turkey. Our wide range of
products include: Oregano, sage leaves, laurel leaves, rosemary,
basil, marjoram, thyme, linden, anise seed, cumin seed, fennel
seed, nigella seed, marjoram, walnut, pinenut kernels, hazelnuts,
white & blue poppy seed, pumpkin seed, fenugreek seed, basil,
rosehip shell, chamomile, chickpeas, beans, lentils, dried
apricots, raisin sultanas, sundried tomatoes. We export to many
countries such as Japan, U.S.A, Netherlands, Korea, Germany,
France, Austria, Australia, Greece, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Israel,
Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain etc. Our name Tamsan corresponds to the
image of a promising and respectable partner in the world. If you
have interest or any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers of BAKERY
YEAST in Turkey. We produce and export very high quality instant
dry yeast and fresh yeast with excellent prices to 109 countries in
the world. If you are interested in distribution, wholesale, import
of this product please kindly contact us.

Country: USA
Description: Experienced Fresh Produce Market agent in South Africa
interested in acting as agent/buyer/supplier for fresh produce
importers in the US and UK. I will also be interested in any joint
venture in the fruit and vegetable procurement field.

Country: China
Description: Our company exports Chinese frozen and fresh vegetable
or fruit since 1996. Major as frozen green asparagus, strawberry,
broccoli. Cauliflower, green beans, sweet corn, mix vegetable, peas
and fresh ginger, garlic, fuji apple ect.. The price as following:
fresh ginger 100-250g/p fob qingdao usd 240/mt. (packed in 30lbs
plastified ctn). Frozen broccoli 4-6 cm (I.Q.F) FOB QINGDAO USD
700/MT(1KG*10/CTN) Frozen cauliflower 4-6 cm(I.Q.F)FOB QINGDAO USD
640/MT(1KG*10/CTN)mix veg. cron 30%, peas 30%, carrot
(0.8*0.8*0.8)40% 2kg *6/ctn, FOB QINGDAO USD 730/MT, ECT.

Country: India
Description: We are India's largest manufacturer and exporters of
dehydrated onions, garlic and vegetables. Our is 100% E.O.U.

Country: USA
Description: We are in business since 1981 and presently export US
made grocery products to over 34 countries throughout the world.
We act as the export department for a number of major North
American manufactures including American Pop Corn Company (Jolly
Time brand Pop Corn), Durkee Mower's Fluff brand Marshmallow creme,
The Old Fashion Company (a variety of American Cheeses in plastic
dispensers with a shelf life of 12 months called squeeze cheese, as
well as a range of aerosol dispensed cheeses), Health Valley brand
Food Products - the # 1 manufacturer of Natural cereals, cookies,
soups and power bars in the USA - just to name few of the companies
available through this firm.

Country: Singapore
Description: Manufacture on Connectors and Cables assemblies for
Electronics Industries which have production in Taiwan and China.
We do vaule added service like: PCBA assembly, Sourcing for other
Electronics components, like capacitors, Crystals, IC Chips, Logic
etc.... YSC also do trading as well.

Country: Morocco
Description: Moroccan producer and suppliers of canned seafood
products such as: sardines in oil, sardines in tomato sauce,
Skinless and boneless sardines in oil, mackerel in oil, and other
fish products. We have HACCP system and all quality approvals in
our factory and we are able to offer you products with excellent
quality and very competitive prices. We can also pack your brand.
We are very interested in establishing business relations with all
companies. If you are interested, please tell us which kind of
canned sardines and the packaging you need so that we can send you
our prices and the samples.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are exporter of rice.

Country: UK
Description: Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are a company that
is primarily involved with importing and exporting goods around the
world. We recently embarked on a venture involving the
manufacturing of jarred food produce; the main products include a
unique mixed spicy pickle, various different curry pastes and a
range of chutneys (Full details of all products are on request).

Country: Italy
Description: We are producer of extravirgin organic olive oil in
central Italy. We propose a special packing in hand made and hand
painted pottery. We are interested to find partner to export our
products especially good as gadgets or present idea.

Country: Italy
Description: We am manufacturing and wholesalers of ovine meat. We
have in stock 70 tons of frozen ovine fat manufactured in carton
and poliblock 18/24 kgs. If you are interested to this product
please contacted us.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturing food powders ie fruit powders,
fruit powders, vegetable powders tomato soup and fruit juices in
powder form all our products are natural and do not contain any
chemicals not even "monsodium glutamate" we have more than 30
products manufactured by spray drying system. The products are
specially made from farm fresh fruits and vegetables by encapsulating
their freshness and flavour. The shelf life is 1 YEAR. We request
your company to try our products as they are of International
Standards and very competitive rates.

Country: Yugoslavia
Description: We are producers of qualitative chocolate for all
occasions (restaurants & caf?s, daily consumption, gifts, etc). Do
not hesitate to ask our electronic catalogue, and our best prices
for export. We are open as well to exchange deals with raw
materials needed for our production (i.e. cocoa, nuts, vegetable
oil, dryed grapes).

Country: India
Description: We are a leading fruits growers, exporters, pulp and
bar manufacturer and exporters. Products: alphonso mango pulp,
totapuri mango pulp, guva pulp in 24x850 gm and 6x3.10 kg packing.
We exports fruits bar in defferent size and packing.

Country: Malaysia
Description: Our main product is Concentrated Spirulina Juice. We
are a ten year old Malaysian company doing business in many
countries. Our company markets unique natural health and frozen
food products. Other services such as supplying electrical LV
switchboard and HT switchgears are also provided.

Country: Syria
Description: We are one of the main companies in Syria that supply
caper, we are interested in collecting, processing, and exporting
Capers from Syria and Kyrgyzstan To Turkey and Europe in barrels
preserved in brine (PROVISIONALLY PRESERVED) and calibrated as
Nonpareilles, Surfines, Capucines, Capotes, Fines, Gruesas, Beside
to many other food raw material either from Syria or Kyrgyz (
walnuts ) For More information please contact us and we shall be
pleased to answer any of your inquiries. Capers =( Caper,
caperberry, caperbush, c?prier, c?pres, fabagelle, tapana, kapper,
kapernstrauch, cappero, capperone, alcaparro, caparra, alcaparra,
kappertjes, kapersy, kapricserje, kapris, torkav, kappar, kabra )

Country: Singapore
Description: We are leading producer of instant milk powder.
Our factory is located in Malaysia. Please contacts for further
details. We also can arrange for samples.

Country: Mexico
Description: We are Mexican Piloncillo producers offering our 8 oz
cone, package each one in cellophane bag, label with nutrition
facts and code bar. In to a 60 pieces cardboard box. We are
exporting to USA. If you are interested on it, please let us know,
in order to present our company, send you a quotation, samples,

Country: UK
Description: We specialize in exporting Garlic, Ginger, Green
Chilli and Red chilli purees. These are vital ingredients to make
any kind of curry. We are looking for German importers who import
Asian Food ingredients willing to shelve our products. We can offer
these ingredients at very competitive prices. Any importer can
contact us for a pallet of each of these purees having a shelf life
of one year or six months. Packed in 12 x 280 gms OR 6 x 1.2 Kgs
cases, we can offer these ambient purees to suit your market needs.

Country: Slovak Republic
Description: Owner of producer of natural mineral water "klastorna"
(monastery). We increase our productivity so we decide to penetrate
into foreign markets with our product. our water is 100% natural
without any chemical procedures produce. We are very famous in the
Slovak market and we have very serious partners all around the

Country: Argentina
Description: We are producing fine red wine. Merlot and Malbec, in
R?o Negro, Patagonia Argentina. We are looking for people
interested in small productions of very high quality wine, due we
only produced 80.000 bottles in April 2002.

Country: Greece
Description: We are a large manufacturer of extra virgin olive oil,
olives, and olive pate in Hellas(Greece). Our factory applies an
international quality system certified by ELOT EN ISO9001. Our
product line also inlcudes organic extra virgin olive oil and
calamata olives. We export to various countries abroad, with our
brand name, or under private labels.

Country: Bulgaria
Description: As a leading Bulgarian fish cannery with over 50 years
of tradition in the branch we can offer high quality fish cans from
mackerel, tuna, sardines, sprat etc. at a competitive price.

Country: Iran
Description: We are a huge of export company in Iran. We can supply
any requirements for wild world for example we export the Tea and
Pestachio (chie) and any things.

Country: Bulgaria
Description: Our company is a manufacturer of natural fruit juices
from chokeberry (dietetic and natural), blackberry, lemon; natural
concentrated fruit syrups from chokeberry, strawberry, blackberry,
lemon, orange. We also offer granulated apple and citrus pectin for
medical purposes (for detoxication and prophylaxis in chemical,
steel and non-ferous extractive industries etc.; for lowering the
blood cholesterol).

Country: India
Description: We are the exporters of spices, seed spices, spices
powders & spice mix, coir products, gold jewelry & garments from

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of canned (button)
mushrooms with the plant capacity of 300 tonnes/annum. Offers are
invited to buy Button mushrooms and intention is a long term

Country: Thailand
Description: Manufacturer of speciality ingredients for candy, ice
cream, bakery and biscuits industries

Country: UK
Description: Consultants, freight forwarders, general traders and
commission agents, we supply fresh tuna whole & loins, fresh
swordfish whole & loins, fresh groupers, snappers, lobsters,
shrimps from our Join-Venture company in Yemen. All our prices are
in USD CIF Europe: inform us if you are interested by our products.
Documents joined to the goods sent by air: Certificate of Origin,
Sanitary Certificate, 4 Original Bills, Packing List, Lta. Fishing
Methods: Hook & Line and Net caught.
Our Specifications are according to European Standard CEE N10 and
approved by the European Commission.

Country: Peru
Description: We are a company with 40 years in the market that
- Yellow hot pepper sauces - Red hot pepper sauces
- Extract of carob bean
- Hot mustard
- Mustard
- Hot ketchup
- Ketchup
- Mayonnais
- Maca mermelade and other fruits.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are exporter of Nescafe and other Nestle products
located in Indonesia. Being established in 1998, Brazilian Nescafe,
Canadian Nescafe, and Indonesian Nescafe become the main products
we handle. We also export other consumer goods and home supplies,
such as: soaps, detergents, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo. Most
of them are from Cussons, Unilever, Johnson Johnson products.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the leading companies in China in apple
juice concentrate and fruit juice products, This year, our output
for apple juice concentrate is expected to reach more than 30000
metric tons, following is the standard specifications for your kind
1. Soluble solid(Bx) 70.0 71.0
2. Acidity(%) above 0.8
We hope the above can arouse your interest and expect to establish
long term mutually Beneficial relationship with you.
We would appreciate your earlier reply.

Country: Iran
Description: We are producer and exporter of seedless natural
sultana raisins in different sizes with high quality. Our company
has many branches in the other countries and selling to many big
and famous companies in the world.

Country: India
Description: We are a mushroom farming and processing unit. We have
capacity to produce and process 1000 kgs Oyster mushroom
(Pleurotus). We are interested to supply fresh or dried oyster
mushroom on regular basis. Rates negotiable.

Country: UK
Description: UK manufacturer of beverage coasters, beer mats and
placemats, offers custom designed and printed coasters or pulp
board beer mats anywhere within the European Union and North
America. Full flexibility in terms of volume, shape and design. All
industries catered for including the traditional food and beverage

Country: Oman
Description: We are the manufacturer of fruit jam/jelly crytals /
creme caramel / custard powder/ baking powder/jam and butter in
plastic portion.

Country: Brazil
Description: We are producers of instant coffee from Brasil
We produce Sprayt dried, aglomerated and freeze dried instant
coffee. Packed in Glass jars, tins or bulk. Offer Aglomerated
Instant coffee, packed 4oz glass jar U$ 0.60 CIF east coast USA.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are one of the leading companies in biscuit and
confectionery sector. We would like to use this opportunity in
order to present our company and products in all over the world.
Established in 1962, company is manufacturing and dealing with full
experience in TURKEY. Beside domestic market, we are exporting our
goods to 53 countries with export turnover 24 million dollar last
year. Our factory settled in middle Anatolia, provides work
opportunity to 1.200 people and has 250 Tone Daily capacity. Our
product range consists of biscuits, wafers, cakes, chocolates,
confectionery and chewing gums. In addition to those, we also
maintain a flour factory, hard paper packing factory, cold storage
plants, fodder factory and ploutry plants, and manufacture a
substantial amount of the raw material in order to be used in our
own plants.

Country: Thailand
Tel: +66-2661-8889 - 98
Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter of Monosodium
Glutamate (MSG) under "Ajinotakara", mountain brand which is
accepted worldwide. Besides, we are launching our new product
Seasoning Powder for different cooking styles e.g. soup, deep fried
& grilled, etc.

Country: UAE
Description: Exporters / manufacturers of sunflower oil, soyabean
oil, vegetable oil, palm oil, canola oil. Competitive prices
quality as per international standards. Packing in PET bottles 1,
2, 2.5 and 3 liters.

Country: India
Description: We are the exporters of every type of Indian spices.
we could even take orders in bulk. We make orders only on
guaranteed LC. Our quality is approved through Agmark*.

Country: Nicaragua
Description: Produces and exports the finest whole roasted, ground
and green Arabic coffees from Nicaragua. The range of our product
line, excellent quality and competitive prices have made us one of
the fastest growing companies of its kind in Nicaragua.

Country: India
Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the
leading & renowned millers, processors & exporters of various type
of pulses/dal toor dal, masoor dal/red lentils, moong dal, gram dal,
urid dal and parboiled rice since 1947, having a combined production
capacity of 40000 MT per annum.

Country: China
Description: Our co. is the multi exporting group in northern China,
dealing in many items, mainly exporting 3 items:
1. Foods and all beans: red beans, green beans, red kidney beans,
white kidney beans, red speckled kidney beans, light speckled kidney
beans, peanuts, etc.
2. Minerals and raw materials, including graphite/carbon products,
such as amorphous graphite, artificial graphite powder, electrolytic
graphite, graphite electrodes, graphite blocks, coal tar pitch,
calcined petroleum coke, calcined kaolin powder, spodumene powder,
chlorite powder, feldspar, calcite, tourmaline(industrial grade),
cenospheres, etc.
3. Various packing bags, gift shopping bags, etc.

Country: India
Description: We are exporters of medicinal herbs and herbal based
food suppliments & health drinks.

Country: Turkey
Description: May we take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as a
leading packer and exporter of all kind of Dried FIGS. If you are
interested in dealing with our products and would like to do business
with us on the basis of strong relationship, please indicate your good

Country: Greece
Description: The leading Greek deep frozen dough manufacturer, offers
frozen dough products for S/M, P/L and Food Service markets (phyllo,
puff pastry, ready pies & snacks, pizzas, croissants etc.). ISO 9001
and HACCP certified.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are located at the western shore of Turkey and
selling food and non food consumer products since 1922. We are
offering high quality products with good prices. Please visit our
website or more information about our company and our services.
Product categories: pasta, flour and products, oils and margarines,
sugar, pulses(lentils, beans, chickpeas, fava beans, bulghur, etc.),
Salt & spices, Canned Foods, jams, honey, pickles, ketchup,
mayonnaise & sauces, soups, puddings, bulyons, yeast, olive &
products, milk & dairies, frozen foods, candies-biscuits &
chocolates, sesame & sesame candy, nuts, snacks, crisps and corn
flakes, tea, coffee and beverages.

Country: Italy
Description: Our company, with headquarters located in Campobasso,
in the heart of the Molise region (Italy), is supplying the finest
food products to both domestic and international markets since 1992.
Our range of products covers all those foods that form part of the
Mediterranean diet: durum wheat pastas, the wines from our best
vineyards, the purest oil from the olive groves of the Molise
(Italy), plum tomatoes whose exquisite flavour enhances the dishes
of the great tradition of Italian cooking. Since its foundation our
company cares for and is identified with a high standard of
industrial product through comprehensive safety controls. We are
capable of handling request even for large quantities.

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
Description: A market leader at the home market and has quite a long
tradition in the production of alcohol. We produce distinctively
flavored liqueurs made from a special cherry marasca that thrives
only in parts of Croatia, thanks to favorable clime and soil
conditions in the area. Additionally, the company is a producer of
pear, walnut, apricot and herbal liqueurs; aperitif; brandies;
syrups; etc. Our beverages, especially our original "Maraschino",
has been admired around the world even by historical kings, queens
and conquerors like Napoleon Bonaparte.

Country: China
Description: May I introduce us as a supplier of egg powder? We are
in a position to offer you quality egg powder (whole, yolk, albumen
and shell) and liquid eggs.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our rice crackers products are manufactured in our
facility in northern part of Vietnam and we have been exporting our
vast varieties to our customers in Europe, the United States, Middle
East, Australia, and others. We have the ability to produce various
types of rice crackers with different flavors. We are able to
produce tailor-made crackers suitable to our clients needs and we
also suggest our own new designs to our clients. Kindly advise which
type of rice crackers you are interested in and whether you need us
to prepare samples for your evaluation. Alternatively, you can also
send us samples of rice crackers for counter sampling purposes.

Country: Portugal
Description: Specializes in exporting the finest quality of
Portuguese food products i.e. cheeses, olive oils, vinegar, jams,
salt, honeys.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are processor, packer and exporter of dried figs and
chestnuts based in Izmir and Aydin, Turkey.
The following are our current prices of dried figs: lerida, protoben
- In carton boxes of 5kg, 10kg and 3x4kg (at buyers option)
NO.1 (35/40) AT $ 1650.-
NO.2 (41/45) AT $ 1550.-
NO.3 (46/50) AT $ 1480.-
NO.4 (51/55) AT $ 1420.-
All CIF Hamburg, Napoli, Valencia, Marseille, Rotterdam. Shipment:

Country: Canada
Description: Exporters of cereals, snacks, beverages, salad
dressings, canola oil, pasta, nutritional powders, ice cream
toppings, flavored drink crystals, spreads, soups & soup mixes,
French fries, food ingredients, dairy products, non-dairy products.

Country: India
Description: We are one of a leading trade facilitator based in
India offering a host of professional services. One of our client, a
prominent player in Indian dairy industry is in a position to supply
skimmed milk powder(SMP), whole milk powder (WMP) in spray dried
form and ghee fulfilling the quality parameters and specifications
required by you.

Country: UAE
Description: We are leading manufacturer of Pasta Products in the
Middle East located in Dubai, UAE, we can supply you any quantity of
Pasta /Macaroni, spaghetti. Vermicelli, Lasagne.

Country: India
Description: We introduce ourselves as exporters of various spices
from India mainly red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander and
cumins powder and seeds etc. Our products meet the international
quality standards and we would be happy to forward Product
specifications, analytical reports etc on hearing from you along
with necessary samples.

Country: Greece
Description: producer of rice and byproducts who would be
interested in making exports to the world market. We
produce white rice in many varieties (caroline, long grain,
polished round grain, blue rose and raza) as well as yellow
(parboiled) rice. The byproducts of rice that we make include
broken rice (used for baby food, rice flour, chocolate, animal
feed), rice bran (for animal feed), ash (from yellow rice for
iron industries). We also trade and package pulses: lentils,
beans, Mexican chickpeas, black-eyed beans.

Country: Belgium
Description: We are Belgian firm, exporting Italian wines where we
are the sales right holders from two important vineyards, producing
the more popular wines as Chardonnay, sauvignon, Cabernet, Merlot,
Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco, Prosecco and several other famous wines.
Looking forwards to expand our exports to other Asian countries.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are a group of fresh fruit and vegetables growers
whose cold storage and packaging houses are based in the north part
of Turkey. Also, we have our own stores in the central markets of
leading cities. For your information, We are able to offer prices to
you from the below fresh produce: apples (golden, starking),
pears(santa maria), citrus, lemon, pomegranates, quinces, carrots,
leeks, onions, potatoes etc. All are in first class and packaged as
if you like.

Country: China
Description: As one leading supplier of peanuts in North China, our
company was built up in 1979, and by now, we have 7 processing
factories locating in Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning province.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the leading companies in China in apple
juice concentrate and fruit juice products, This year our output for
apple juice concentrate is expected to reach more than 30000 metric
1. Soluble solid(Bx) 70.0—71.0
2.Acidity(%) >0.8
3.Ph 3.8?0.2
We can also produce apple/peach puree/puree concentrate, cloudy
apple/peach juice concentrate, apple sauce, what’s more a
large variety of juice/nectar products can also be produced. We hope
the above can arouse your interest and expect to establish long term
mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Country: Vietnam
Description: We are a big Honey Export company from Vietnam. Our
products can meet International Standard as US, EU, EC and etc..
We are looking for more buyers and importers from all over the

Country: Turkey
Description: We have to pleasure to introduce you our company since
1963 as a manufacturer and exporter of: - gas and electric cookers,
- electrical and free standing ovens, - mini electrical ovens, -
washing machines, - churners, - Infrared gas heaters, - LPG and
natural gas heaters - boiler pilots (combies). - Air curtains.
We proceed our activities as production 84.000 sqm. open area and
54.000 sqm. covered includes, AR-GE laboratory, mould department,
press department, warehouse, enamelled department, plastic
injection, and assembling lines with a high technology. Also we had
support our quality with ISO-9002 and CE approval. And we distribute
our products through five main marketing companies in different
areas and four of their branches throughout Turkey. While we export
our %50 production to 35 different countries around the world from
the headquarter in Turkey.

Country: Mexico
Description: We are a producer support group and we are looking for
export markets for the following products. High Altitude Shade Grown
Organic Arabica Coffee. Green beans, Agglomerated Instant Coffees,
Freeze Dried Coffees. We also offer an own label service for
Wholesalers that wish to market our Premium Grade coffees under
there own brand. Organic honey. Medicinal herbs. Essential oils
Organic cacao beans or toasted and refined as cacao paste in 30 kg
cases. Organic tropical fruits. Dried, puree or fresh. Cashew nuts
Ecotourism - meet the indigenous producers and enjoy there

Country: China
Description: We are a leading supplier for alaskan pollack fillets
and yellow fin sole fillets, if you have interest, and these
products are in your business scope, in order to establish seafood
business relations with you, we introduce our products as follows:
APO fillet: IQF Skinless PBI/PBO 4x10lb packing size:2-4oz, 4-6oz,
6-8oz & 8ozup YFS fillet: IQF Skinless Boneless 1x25lb packing
size:1.5-2oz, 2-2.5oz, 2.5-3oz, 3ozup.

Country: Portugal
Description: We are an imp. & exp. company in Portugal, working with
the South African and Spanish market in the food field. We wan`t
good products and have good products too. I will be in Portugal
after the 5th of December 2002. If you wan`t to contact me, there
could be a commercial interest for all of us.

Country: China
Description: We are a state-operated corporation handing the export
and manufacture of agriculture foods. We have been in this line for
almost ten years, and sell here in the United States and abroad.

Country: China
Description: It is my pleasure to present you the introduction of my
company as a government's producer and exporter of beef in China. We
are large enterprises engaged in beef. We boast of a slaughter
factory and feedlots. The cattle from our feedlot are all bulls fed
on corn, aged 24 months, and weighted 450KG. It is our business to
provide live cattle, chilled fresh beef and frozen beef with HALAL
certificate. Our first-rate beef is exported to Hong Kong and Arabic

Country: Malaysia
Description: Exporter of hibiscus sabdariffa L, brand name
'terengganu royal roselle' products:- dried calyx, herbal tea, jam,
juice concentrate, chutney, ready to drink / straight drink.

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
Description: Manufacturer and can filling company of alcoholic and
non alcoholic beverage. It was established in 1997, and after a few
years of successful business, it decided to reach a new market.
We are now the exclusive producer of a new sparkling soft drink
based on Aloe Vera, "Aloe'ha". It contains all the benefits of this
wonder plant. It's low calorie, no sodium, no fat and no caffeine.
We are now seeking importers world wide for this great healthy soft
drink in cans.

Country: India
Description: We are in the export field for the last 10 years by
exporting all kinds spices to various countries. Our major products
are Turmeric, Chilli, Kashmiri Chilli, Cumin, Fennel, Coriander,
Pepper, Curry Powder, Chicken Masala, Fish Masala, Sambar Mix,
Ginger Dried Dehydrated Onion flakes & powder, Herbs and Indian
Medicinal Plants. The said products are supplied as grounded and as
well as whole. We have a good reputation by supplying quality
products in time to our valued buyers.

Country: Saudi Arabia
Description: We have been in the export business for a long time. We
are sole agents for many factories in Saudi Arabia and other
countries. We export to the U. S. A, Europe, Australia, and New Zeal
Land. We export the highest qualities of food stuff such as saudi
dates, standard fava beans, beans with different recipes, chick
peas, juice, assorted spices, biscuits, maamoul, excellent tahina,
finest halwa plain, biscuits filled with paste dates, biscuits
filled with paste dates, chocolates & milk, maamoul, cookies,
twisters etc.

Country: Poland
Description: Producer of soft-drinks and juices.

Country: Spain
Description: We are Spanish exporters of foods and related products:
extra virgin olive oil, natural and ecological honey, Spanish wine
and cava, dry sheep cheese.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are manufacturer and exporters of Turkish made
polycarbonate chocolate moulds and forms. We are able to manufacture
moulds on the needs and systems of any chocolate factory. We have
pictures and samples available for anyone interested. Please do not

Country: Sri Lanka
Description: We are a leading exporter of various food items of high
quality to many destinations overseas with over 25 years in the
Trade. Our coconut products are manufactured in HACCP certified
factories. Also available as certified organic coconut products.
coconut milk in cans, sweetened cream of coconut, creamed coconut,
desiccated coconut, low fat desiccated coconut, fresh coconuts,
pinacolada mix, UHT coconut milk/cream in bag in box and aseptic
drums, coconut milk powder, coconut juice in cans, fruit creams and
fruit juices. Also export black tea, green tea, flavoured tea spices
- cinnamon, other spices- black pepper, clove stems, clove stems
powder, whole cloves, green cardamoms nutmegs with shell and without
shell etc. And ethnic food items.

Country: Italy
Description: Excellent wines from warm Sicily. The quality of these
wines is very high (DOC) and the prices is very interesting. We are
an Italian company that has been exporting Sicilian wines in several
parts of world.

Country: Poland
Description: Renowned producer of: - Fruit and herbal tea - Grocery
and pharmaceutical syrups - Nutraceutics (food supplements) -
Natural care cosmetics Looks for distributors, agents

Country: India
Description: We are a regular exporter of wide range of US-FDA
approved & kosher certified food additives from India. Our range of
food additives consist of food colours, spray dried natural fruit
powders, spray dried caramel powder. Recently, we have also added
lanolin anhydrous BP/USP/JP/EP to our product list. lanolin
anhydrous is widely used in skin creams, ointments, shoe polish,
varnish etc.

Country: India
Description: We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as an
export oriented agro-biotech enterprise located at Bangalore. Our
product profile is a mix of raw whole & grounded spices & herbs,
spice oils, oleoresins, herbal oil and other agro extracts through
the Co2 technology with has been endorsed as the most innovative and
eco-friendly process to manufacture products of our line. In
addition, we also have setup for the supply of Ayurvedic products,
herbal medicines and other natural products. The company is a rare
culmination of technocrats and seasoned industrialists who have
forged to make an unique standing in the global markets. We have
strong R&D setup which is equipped with the best of the equipment
and scientists to assure you the best quality product. We have been
contemplating new product development and quality assurance research
work for sometime and would like to make a serious step towards its
R&D soon. In a major break-through, we have been able to develop
Solenesol, the main ingredient for Q10 in major heart medication
drugs, which we now have commercial capacity to supply.
Our facilities comprise:
Grinding: Certified to be the best grinding plant using unique
grinding mechanism by CFTRI (Central Food Technological Research
Institute), Mysore, India under the aegis of Central Government of
India, we are having capacity to ground 4 Tons of powdered spices
per day.
Specifications for grounded spices
Aflatoxin free
Superior Cryogrinding Technology
Stringent Testing & Quality parameters
Extraction: Unlike the solvent extraction method, we have the
superior SCFE technology to enable production of natural extracts
and essential oils of the highest quality. The Technology ensures a
pure undistorted product retaining the natural flavours and
properties. All the products are laboratory certified for their
quality and characteristics.
Salient features of the SCFE method
Solvent residues
Decomposition or hydrolysis products
Inorganic substances
Polar substances
We write to you to enunciate a supply ability of your requirements
with specifications and the quantity desired per shipments. Should
you be interested do mail us with the further details along with
your company profile to us.

Country: India
Description: We are in food trade business from last 5 years. Our
specialization is in Indian spices & Herbs. You can contact us for
assured quality spices at reasonable competitive price. You can
contact us for Indian cardamom, black pepper, cumines seed. Red
dried chilly, Turmeric etc and herbs.

Country: Argentina
Description: We offer high quality varietal wines, produced by
Bodega Correas one of the best Argentine wine makers. A cellar that
has been producing high quality wine since 1860, in the province of
Mendoza, Argentina. The wines are elaborated with grapes from own
vineyards with a methodology by means of which the traditional
crafts homestead of our ancestors and the modern tecnology are
combined. This result in young wines to be consumed quickly, which
are very popular today, as well as for ageing in bottle and storage.
We offer Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah in red wines and
Chardonnay in white wines. Packed in cases of 12 bottles.

Country: Italy
Description: We are an Italian espresso manufacturing company and we
are looking to increase our worldwide distribution network, we offer
big deals, technical, marketing and sales support... plus our
manufacturing pricing to increase your business.

Country: Norway
Description: We are well-established exporter and manufacturer of
including pure vodkas, flavored vodkas of all types, calvados,
slivovitz, rums, liqueurs, aperitifs, cocktails, gin, brandy and
whisky. These products are all top quality and enjoy constant
appreciation in many countries such as. Europe, Africa, Australia,
Asia and America. Our alcoholic products have never been exported
nor represented in China and we are interested to find a trustworthy
partner to represent our interest on the Chinese market. The world
success of products from Poland is the result of a fifty-year
activity. Our products enjoy constant appreciation in many countries
of Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and America.

Country: India
Description: We are the exporters of beat sugar (origin is
Poland/USA), refined sugar (origin-Brazil), cane sugar(Thailand),
raw cane sugar (Brazil).

Country: China
Description: We are high-tech enterprise, And our company has the
self-run export right to its own products. The company is
specialized in producing Amino acid and aspartame. One of the major
products, L-phenylalanine is single in China. The company has
established industrialization production line of L-phenylalanine and
aspartame and possess the advanced equipmens and test machine. The
products meet the standards of FCC IV, USP23 and NF18, which are
well sold in many countries and regions. All the detailed terms for
business can be discussed.

Country: India
Description: We are from India produce and supply a range of spices
and herbs under the brand name of Spice Route. We have own
plantations in various places in South India, the spice haven and
well known producers of spices. We also explore the possibility
of supplying dried curry leaves.

Country: UAE
Description: UAE based company manufactures of cake. Shelf life 6
months. Looking for distributors in the Middle East and Africa.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers of various Biscuits having group
of Companies in Hyderabad, INDIA. Our Products are well accepted
through out India for its quality and for its attractive packing.
Apart from domestic sales we have exports to various Countries.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers & exporters of various fabric
bags, sachets & pillows since 1988. These can be used to pack &
promote products like wine, soaps, perfumes, bottles, gifts, herbs &
spices, lavender, dried flowers, pot pourri articles and others, one
can imagine. We offer various sizes & styles of empty bags including
printed & embroidered Logo or picture on it. These are made
from 100% cotton (non bleached & bleached), organdy, tissue cloth,
transparent muslin fabric, poplin, satin and others. Strings,
ribbons & laces are also used as per the requirement.

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