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Food exporters and manufacturers database

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Country: China

Description: Manufacturer of food ingredient: potassium sorbet,
sorbic acid etc. FCCIV standard/ Japanese standard. Other products
incl: d-glucosamine Hcl, chondroitin sulfate (shark, bovine), chitosan etc.
Importproducts: Potassium sorbet, sorbic acid. D-Glucosamine
Hcl(sulfate), chondroitin sulfate, chitosan etc.

Country: UK

Description: Specialists in the de-boning and preparation of raw
chicken meat. As a fast moving company, we have identified the need
to produce products sourced not only from UK farms, from which we can
provide farm to fork trace ability, but also from the EU & third
world countries which gives the customer more flexibility of raw
materials but also a more competitive price range.
We also do export-import food products from all over the world.

Importproducts: Chicken breast fillet fresh 180g+
Chicken breast fillet frozen calibrated and uncelebrated. Chicken
breast fillet IQF. Whole bird Duck. Whole bird Turkey, rabbit meat
boneless, skinless.

Country: Romania

Description: Cutting plant, one of the biggest Romanian meat
processes wide range of meat products: salami, sausages, etc.

Importproducts: We import about 1000 tons of frozen pork meat per
month, 300 tons of poultry, and less important quantities of frozen
oceanic fish.

Country: USA

Description: Items: baklavafull line pita breads mini-croissantpar
baked pita pizza sesame cookies bread sticks mamoulnamouramany. Meat
items: shish taouk soujouk kafta bastourma makanek hors d'oeuvres
frozen pizzas.

Country: Romania

Description: The firm exports honey of different ranges.

Country: Italy

Description: We represent various Italian food producers to the
catering/foodservice solid pack apples fruit cocktail pears tomatoes
and vegetables.

Country: France

Description: Export of best of Atlantic wine: “One Vineyard, One
winegrower, One wine”. A sample of our wine list: Muscadet AOC,
muscadet sur Lie AOC, muscadet sur lie AOC s?vre et maine or coteaux
de la Loire, are tender and perfumed white wines. Muscadet AOC Oak-
Aged and muscadet “haute expression “ complete the range with super
premium wines. All our products are an exceptionally good value for
money and a very high quality/price ratio.

Country: USA

Description: We export baking ingredients, specialty raw materials,
baking pans, bakery machinery and ovens, to bakers and supermarkets
throughout the world.

Country: USA

Description: Our company distributes and garcias food, fritarita,
chorizo sabinas to grocery chain stores.

Country: Turkey

Description: Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Country: USA

Description: Would like to import food.

Country: Italy

Description: Export fine foods pasta olive oil canned fruits and
vegetables jams wines only premium quality.

Country: UKraine

Description: Export of cream butter (82%, 72.5% fat). Our butter is
made of liquid milk, doesn't contain vegetable oils and

Country: Indonesia

Description: We export food and non food products as well as
toiletries in both local and international brands.

Country: China

Description: All kinds of frozen and dehydrated vegetables frozen
meats (broiler duck rabbit pork), canned food(asparagus, pear apple

Country: USA

Description: Distributor of multi-national non-perishible consumer
goods. Purchases Merchandise from all over the globe from various
wholesalers/distributors. I.E. Gillette, Colgate, Palmolive,
P&G....etc.. Only major brands.

Country: China

Description: We are a specialist in export of wild mushrooms from
China presently offer to sell fresh Chinese black truffles whole 2002
winter crop welcome the interested buyers to contact us.

Country: UK

Description: Large manufacturing company established in the U.K in
1973. We supply authentic Asian snacks to a large customer base
including: 1) Multiples such as Asda, J.Sainsbury, Somerfeild, Kwic
Save, Safeway.
2) Wholesalers such as Booker cash and carry, Bestway and many
3) To many indepentent grocers using our own distribution network
which covers the whole of England.
We import many raw items from India such as lentels, peanuts,
cashews, etc. and process and distribute them in the UK.

Country: Macedonia

Description: Since 1996 our company has been importing carton and
corrugated carton. We then provide a service to two major companies
in our country, one is in the manufacture of detergents and the other
is in sweets; biscuits, waffles, cookies, candy, and chocolates. We
produce and print boxes for them. In turn we distribute their
products through the territory. Presently we are looking to expand
and begin with importation of food products from Europe and United
States. The products of interest are as follows; cookies, dry mixes
for cookies and cakes, snacks/potato chips, fruit rollups, fruit
shapes gummy bears and other fast selling items, fruit filling for
pies and cakes, canned soups, and other meal main dishes for
preparation such as rice a roni, macaroni and cheese, hamburger
helper, tuna helper. We are also interested in fruit yogurt such as
Colombo, Dannon.

Country: Belgium

Description: Belgian company who specializes in export & import of
vegan, vegetarian en organic foods (dry, frozen or chilled).
Operational in the whole of Europe. Distribution network with agents
and distributing companies all over Europe.

Importproducts: Vegan, vegetarian and organic foods. Chilled, frozen
and dry foods like: soy products, wheat products, ready meals,
organic soft drinks, organic herbes and spices, spelt products,
prebiotic pates etc.

Country: India

Description: We are a Govt of India recognized export trading house
dealing mainly in light engineering goods. Having started business
with a small investment, today we have a group turnover of USD 40
Million, having a wide network of customers and agents around the

Importproducts: Mayonnaise, full cream milk powder, condensed milk.

Country: India

Description: We are wholesale dealer in tea are in this trade since
1969. We are also manufacturing & exporting our own brand »ZEEGOLD»
Tea (loose packet CTC leaf tea).

Country: New Zealand

Description: Small importer distributing food and beverage products
to niche retail outlets. All our products are sourced from the
Mediterranean area - Southern France, Italy and Greece. In addition
to food and beverage products we are interested in niche regional
products - EG. Lavender products.

Importproducts: Bottled and canned foods. EG. Grilled peppers,
Artichoke hearts, Dried tomatoes, Pickles, Antipasto, Tapenade,
Pesto. Olives. Virgin olive oil. Balsamic vinegar. Pate. Foie gras.

Country: Canada

Description: We are producers and exporters of high quality Iranina
dried fruits and nuts. We have been in the business for over 50
years. Our processing plants and export office are located in Iran.
We have a sales office in Canada. We are exporting to Europe, North
America and Australia. We export Iranian raisins, sultanas, dates,
figs, pistachios and pistachio kernels.

Importproducts: We import Durkex oil.

Country: China

Description: Professional manufacturer and exporter of fruit and
vegetable in China, we mainly deal in frozen & fresh fruit and
vegetable, frozen dehydrated (FD) vegetable and fruit, IQF
strawberry, IQF yellow peach, IQF Broccoli, Green bean, sugar snap
peas and pea pods FD fruit and vegetable is our primary exporting,
the quantity is over 2500MT per annum. We have confidence that we can
compare with any other suppliers in this industrial, because our
products' excellent quality and the best price always satisfy the
customers' demand to the maximum extent.

Importproducts: IQF strawbeey, IQF yellow peach, IQF Broccoli, IQF
green beans, IQF sugar snap peas, IQF pea pods, IQF spinach, IQF
taro, IQF cauliflower, IQF grapes, IQF lotus root, IQF garlic
sprouts, IQF garlic, FD strawberry, FD garlic, FD onion, FD celery,
FD carrot, garlic powder, etc.

Country: Egypt

Description: Export of fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen food,
canned food, juice, jam, biscuits, candy and other Egyptian products.
Export of Luffa sponges.

Country: Italy

Description: We produce very «high» quality products, and until last
year our main customers have been big wine's and oil's merchants, who
used to buy our products in bulk row condition, and after having them
bottled and labelled with their own brand mark, they put them on
markets as theirs, and made big fortune dealing with our products.
We produce White Verdeca, Red Sangiovese, Rose' MalvAsia, I.G.T. and
table wines (I.G.T. stands for typical geographical indication) and
also extra virgin olive's oil, made from hand picked olives, coming
from traditional and organic AIAB certified agriculture. AIAB
certification is recognized

Country: Spain

Description: We are a Spanish company dedicated to export cold
pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oiland, Wine from Spain.

Country: UK

Description: Manufacturer of specialist potato baking ovens and soup
kettles for the catering industry. Imports stainless steel components
for catering equipment.

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