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Food exporters and manufacturers database

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Country: China

Description: A Leading export of mainly Chinese fruit & vegetables
pulp Crops: 1> Fruits pulp (Apricot, Mulberries Hami-melon etc.)
2> Vegetables pulp (C. moschata duch etc.)
3> Almond etc.
This year we can produce 10000 mts. Apricot pulp; 5000 mts Hami-melon
pulp; 5000 mts C.moschtat duch pulp; 1500 mts Mulberries pulp; 1000
mts almonds.

Country: Argentina

Description: We’d like to offer our products such as navel oranges,
ellendale's mandarins, organic lemons, among others, at very
competitive prices.
We also ‘d like to offer for export our large line of wines,
specially, but not limit to, the Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot
and Chardonnay bottled and in bulk.

Country: Mexico

Description: White Mexican farm breeded shrimp of any size and
packing, also with clients brand. Dairy products from Poland.
Agricultural products and spices. Commodity products. Loans and
investments consulting.

Importproducts: Fodder milk powder. Agricultural products.

Country: Honduras

Description: We are Honduran exporter of: Frozen Pineapple Juice
Aseptic Organic Pineapple Juice Single Strength (NFC);
Frozen White/Pink Grapefruit Juice Concentrate;
Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate;
Aseptic Banana Puree;
Aseptic Melon Puree;
Canned Organic Pineapple Cubes.

Country: China

Description: Health grade ethyl-ester type fish oil, teen-aged type
fish oil, middle-aged & aged type fish oil, DHA powder, kelp powder,
vitamin E powder, grape seed oil powder, kelp tablet, kelp roll, kelp
silk, kelp button, breaded fish steak, butterfly dry fish steak,
halfbreak fish steak, frozen mytilus coruscus, frozen oyster, frozen
chub mackerel, osyter with shell, plaice, tilapia slice, unheaded
white-hair rough shimp, little chub mackerel, slice of sea eel,
hemirhamphus quoyi valnciennes slice, shrimp stick, frozen ark shell,
lotus root, squid ring, squid tentacles, shrimp cake, butterfly
shrimp, seafood sauce et.

Importproducts: Fish oil, processing with supplied materials, such
as, fish oil capsule, all kinds of seafood, fish steak etc.

Country: India

Description: Part of Chennai based $ 100 million Indian business
group having well established interest in manufacturing of glucose
(liquid & powder), dextrose monohydrate, maltodextrin, tapioca,
starch & corn starch.

Importproducts: We import the products like enzymes i.e. amylase.

Country: Tunisia

Description: Producing and exporting olive oil in conditioned and in
bulk, big variety of olive oil: extra virgin, virgin, pure, olive
oil, pomace biologic; in different packaging 0.25L, 0.5L, 0.75L, 1 L,
US gallon, 5 L. acidity <0.5

Importproducts: Vegetable olive sunflower.

Country: Turkey

Description: We are the sweet hazelnut's products manufacturer. Our
factory at Duzce in Turkey produce very high quality sweet products
made by hazelnut as a waffles, cacao creams, chocolates. We can
provide also "hazelnut" conforming the international standards. Our
competitive prices and quality level assure the strong and continuous
marketshare to our client.

Importproducts: We are interested in cacao and other chemical food
process products.

Country: China

Description: Agriculture products processing, mushroom & truffle,
frozen/canned/dried vegetables, snacks, new and special fruits.

Country: Bulgaria

Description: Canned, tinned fish - 29 kinds mackerl, tuna, bonito,
sprat, carp, shell, pastet, etc.

Importproducts: Frozen fish - mackerel, tuna, bonito.

Country: Argentina

Description: We are fine wine producers, with our own vineyards
located in Mendoza Province, best geographic area for vine-
growing in our Country. The production of our wines is 100% for
Export. We are actually exporting our wines with excellent feedback
from our customers, and we would like to expand our business to your
territory. We perfectly know that Italia is one of largest fine wines
producer, but people who enjoy the wine, also enjoy to taste wines
from different areas, so we consider there are chances of our wines
At the moment we are exporting our varietals Malbec, Cabernet
Sauvignon, and Chardonnay (all vintage 2000), and for the vintage
2001, we will start bottling in a few days for Bonarda Varietal too.
Importproducts: Natural corks (38mm, 44mm, 48mm, 52mm & 56mm).
Bottles for wine (Burdeos Chilena, Burdeos Andina models).

Country: China

Description: We introduces ourselves as a directed producer in China.
We are real owner of farm in west-north China & planted such as
Fennel seeds, Cummin seeds, Safflower, Melon seeds. We sincerely look
forward to receiving the requirements of importer all of the world &
hope to establish long friendly business relations between us.

Country: Thailand

Description: Many varieties of teas grown in the north of Siam, fine
high mountain spring teas and other oolongs, green teas, organic aged
pu-erhs, chai-blend, organic Siamese breakfast tea, herbal infusions
pure "fluer de sel" fine seasalt, "Simaese cuisine" herbal blends for
Tom Yam and Tom Kha the classic Thai Soups! Spicy Cocktail Nut Mixes,
Nut Butters & Spreads, Gourmet Chili Sauce and many more.

Country: China

Description: We are a leading producer and exporter of canned white
asparagus in the north of China. High quality, best price.

Importproducts: Asparagus.

Country: Italy

Description: We are an Italian company commercializing and selling
agricultural products like preserved vegetables in oil and vinegar,
pickled vegetables and specialties (like grilled vegetables). We are
also the sole distributor for Centrone's products. Artichokes are our
strong point, and we have a various range of this. Nevertheless we
don't understate other vegetables, like peppers, little onions,
aubergines and so on.

Importproducts: cappers, little onions, mushrooms, olives and
cucumbers in bidons.

Country: China

Description: Collecting and distributing center of milk and milk -
based products. The main products: <1>Industry Casein. <2>edible
Casein.<3>Rennet casein. <4>Sodium Caseinate.<5> Lactic casein Our
annual output of the industry casein are 5000 tons. Edible Casein are
3500 tons. Sodium Caseinate are 3500 tons. Our products are famous
between domestic and Qverseas. Their pure natural unpolluted property
make them the best raw material of food. We are looking for importer
of casein & sodium caseinate with regularly cooperating from your
place. We will provide you with excellent quality and best reasonable

Country: China

Description: We deal in export business of granule potato starch for
food industry. We can supply granule potato starch of food grade with
high quality and competitive price for long time. It is produced
according to add-back process. Our potato starch is not the same as
modifying potato starch. The major items are the following: Colour:
light yellow; Moisture(70 degrees centigrade, 6 hours): 8-10%; Type:
granule (powder); Size: 80-120 Mesh; Reducing Sugars: <4%; Sb:
<0.5mg/kg; Pb: <1.0mg/kg; Cu: <10.0mg/kg;Packing: poly kraft paper
bag, 25kg/bag; Quantity: 100-200M/T per month.

Country: India

Description: We are the manufacturers of: Appalam(madras plain
. Pappadam;
. Asafoetida;
. Agarbathis(varies flavours);
. Dhoop loban stems.

Importproducts: Asafoetida, hing kabuli, ferula foetida.

Country: China

Description: Exporting items: 1. Agricultural products: garlic,
ginger, onion, potato, etc of fresh, frozen, dehydrated, salted, four
2. Gardon tools: such as wheelbarrows, hand trolleys, tool carts,
service carts, etc.
3. Rubber products: mainly in all kinds of tires and tubes, rubber
wheels, etc.

Importing items: 1. Machinery.
2. Natural rubber.
3. Mental.

Country: India

Description: One of the leading agent / consultant dealing in agro
commodities i.e. in Indian Basmati and Non Basmati rice and other
We provide our services to multinationals and some big exporters in
India, according to there requirements.

Country: Greece

Description: Our company distribute natural hand home made food
products as:
1. Pure extra virgin olive oil / organic, P.D.O ( Protected
Designation of Origin ), extra virgin olive oil of Crete and extra
virgin olive oil withnscended herbs from Crete.
2. Honey: Natural Cretan thymian honey from the mountains of Crete.
3. Herbs: Dried Cretan Herbs.
4. Sun dried grapes/raisins: not commercial, home hand made by farm
house ladies.
5. Grape must syrup: the famous Cretan ancient syrup/medicine.
6. Cretan home made pasta: manghiri and chiloftes.
7. Spoon sweets: grape, orange, carrot.
8. Cretan olive oil cookies/ biscuits.
9. Cheese: special small quantitie goat gryere from the Cretan
10. Wine: Small family owned winery produces small quantities of
special wine as / Sauvignon blanc ( white dry ), Cabernet sauvignon (
red dry ), Vilana ( white dry ) V.Q.P.R.D. (classic red).

Country: France

Description: We a are a French based company specialized in export of
frozen meat products... desecpially poultry. We have a large range of
products available.

Country: USA

Description: Cigarette manufacturer and exporter, we sale on the
international and domestic market as well.

Country: Italy

Description: I'm a firm dealing the sale of Apulian products to
foreign countries. The goods I'm offering are: Pasta, oven products,
extra virgin olive oil, biological olive oil, wines, preserves, jams.

Country: Macedonia

Description: We are one of the largest producers of foodstuffs in our
country, with wide range of products and top quality.
List of products: food addition and supplement, spices and powdered
products, mayonaise and mustrad, beverages, flips products, desserts
(cholates, cholate cream, ice cream powder etc).

Country: Spain

Description: Manufactures confectionery products such as soto
marzipan, almond nougat, toffees, fruits with chocolate, cherry with
liquor candies, truffles, drag?es and assorted chocolates. I do not
know if these products can be interesting for your company, but if it
is so, please ask me to send you a complete catalogue and a list of

Country: Argentina

Description: Brokers of wood, tea, yerba mate, wine, rice, vegetal
oil, grain.

Country: Brazil

Description: We are an innovative company specialized in supplying
natural and organic tropical food products from Brazil to markets in
the United States and Europe. Our goal is to make sustainable use of
Brazil's huge potential as source of organic and natural food. We
want consumers in foreign markets to share with us the fascination
for these excellent products. We believe this is a viable economic
alternative to destructive exploitation and a contribution to solve
ecological and social issues.

Country: Turkey

Description: Our company was established in 1988 in Izmir. We are one
of the biggest lollipop manufacturer and exporter company in Turkey.
We produce our goods either by our own brand and private label as
well. Our products are high quality and our prices are competitive.
Some of them include small toys and surprise gifts. So they are very
attractive for children due to their quality and toys.

Country: Canada

Description: Looking for European distributor for Japanese fish,
Japanese origin fresh vegetables, fruits, sake, beer, and wine.

Country: Sri Lanka

Description: We are in a position to export fresh tuna fish in any
qty to Europe, and hope you would consider including our name in your
web register as a prospective supplier of the above.

Country: Turkey

Description: We are the biggest manufacturer in Turkey for flour
mill, semolina mill, roller mill, pneumatic equipment, blower, roots
pump, fan, jet impuls filter, silos for grain and flour, plansifter,
elevator, screw conveyor, valek (mill+sifter) patented. We are
installing turn key projects from capacities 80 to 1.000 mton/day
capacities. We have ISO 9002 quality certificate.
Complete turn-key flour mill projects, complete turn-key semolina
mill projects, renovation and modernization of existing flour and
semolina mills, individual machinery, engineering solutions,
pneumatic transportation of grain and finished products, pulses
treatment units for dry-beans chick peas lentils etc. Cleaning,
clasifying, alibrating and packing etc.

Importproducts: Electrical motors.

Country: Brazil

Description: Roasted and ground coffee 100 % Arabica vacuum packed in
500 g packs, roasted grains for espresso in 1 kg bags, special
blends, organic coffees under consultation.

Country: UKraine

Description: Our company offers Honey on export. Conditions of
shipment - FOB, CPT, DAF Ukraine-Poland.

Country: India

Description: We are Indian export agent, give u very competitive
price, of all products, we deal in all products as a export agent
form India.

Country: Australia

Description: We manufacturer range of Condiment for your daily food
consumption and beverage for your drinking desirous... Salmon XO
Sauce from Tasmanian Salmon fish with high percentage of Omega-3 and
good protein as 90% of Ingredient is Salmon Fis
h. Honey Mustard Dressing is a new innovative product to replace the
tradition type of mustard as it have multi function and usage
including marinating, and salad or even direct cooking. Australian
Wine from white to red which bring out the aroma of
your food and beverage which pamper your daily meal. Then come to
your cooking we also provide Olive Oil healthy.

Importproducts: We are constantly looking for new products for Asia
markets and Australia market if you have any interesting Food &
Beverage please do not hesitate to contact us.

Country: India

Description: We take this opportunity to offer you frozen sea foods
from India. We are traders of frozen sea foods & have a team of
expert quality inspectors. They take random Checking of the cargo on
regular bases. We have a very god business relationship with most of
Indian exporters & we always cater well with the buyers & sellers.
We normally charge 2% service charge as commission for this service
of sourcing the products & negotiating the same & Inspecting the same
to be of the specific requirements & specifications before it is
loaded for shipment. We can offer mainly frozen shrimps, ribbon fish,
mackerels, snappers, silver & black pomfrets, king fish, seer fish,
squid, & cuttle & crabs.

Country: Pakistan

Description: We export the finest, aromatic and superior quality rice
from Pakistan. We can provide you these best quality rice.
Rice Verity: Super Kernel (white); Super Kernel Parboiled (which also
called Sella); Basmati PK-385 (white); Long Grain Blended rice; Long
grain Irri-9 (white); Long grain white rice. Please Note: Packing are
available in 1 kg to 50 kg with outstanding export representation in
single or double polypropylene / single and double jute / cotton or
jute bags (with handle) in 20 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, 2 kg, and 1 kg besides
polythene and paper packing for 1 and 2 kg. Specific prices can be
obtained for double polished, silky polished and different broken
percentages and with or without color sortexed.

Country: Egypt

Description: Exporting the following items: spices, caraway seeds,
fennel, coriander s, fenugreek parsley, onion, dill weed, parsley,
marjoram, mlokhia (jew's malon), herbs, basil, spearmint, peppermint,
chamomile, calendula, mullein.
We wish and looking for good business and co-operation with your

Country: Canada

Description: We are the only company from North America to develop
and sell under branded and private label programs herbal candy for
the youth & adult active life style markets. Profitable, unique and
easily sold to many market regions. Contact today for private label,
distributor, retailer or consumer sales/purchases and programs.

Country: China

Description: Our enterprise covers an areas of 95, 000 square meters,
construction areas 65, 000 square meters, fixed assets are 13, 000,
000 yuan. We have 3 advanced production line of quick-frozen fresh
vegetables, an 1500 ton keeped fresh storehouse, and a 2000 tons of
low temperature storehouses. We produce more than 4000 tons of quick-
frozen fresh vegetables per year, more than 2000 tons of keeped fresh
vegetables. We dirve 1666.67 hectares of bases.

Country: China

Description: Candy (creamy candy, fruit candy, chocolate candy, soft
candy etc.). Seasoning (gourmet powder, chicken essence, garlic
powder, curry powder, chilli powder, shellfish essence, soy sauce
etc). Biscuits (compressed biscuits in different flavours) honey
products (honey, fresh royal jelly, lyophilized royal jelly powder)
noodles (hand-made noodles), microwave instant food (frozen food with
fried rice series, soup series etc.). Wine (tonic wine, beer) snack.

Country: USA

Description: 100% pure fruit juice & nectars. Premium quality juices
with no additives or preservatives packed in Tetrapak for 12 month
shelf life. Available in 1 liter & 250 ml packs, minimum 1 X 20ft FCL
per order. The full grown flavors of orange, apple, tropical, mango &
orange, ruby grapefruit, guava, pineapple & orange, papaya and fruits
of the valley awaits you.

Country: China

Description: 100% halal & vegetarian Asian sub-continental pre-
cooked, ready to eat curry dishes, with the most hygienic method and
in the most convenient form. Simply heat and perhaps add some more
favorite meat of your choices and enjoy the daily experience of
natural taste.

Country: Null

Description: We are the manufacture that sunflower, corn, soybean,
vegetable and olive oil since 1968 in Turkey.

Importproducts: -Sunflower seed.
-Crude sunflower oil.
-Crude corn oil.
-Crude soybean oil.
-Soybean seed.

Country: UK

Description: - Skimmed milk powder; - Full Cream Milk Powder;
- Whey Powder;
- Vegetable fat milk powder (26% Fat filled Milk Powder);
- Butter;
- Cheese;
- Canned baby milk powder;
- Cocoa powder;
- Condensed milk in cans;
- Evaporated Milk in tins;
- Other Dairy Products.

Importproducts: Very few items but specially items which is new but
can be introduces in the market with good expectations.

Country: South Africa

Description: Exporters of quality: Sweets and candies.
FMCG Goods.
Branded toiletries.
Wines, Beverages and bottled water.
Household painting Hardware (Paints, varnishes etc).

Country: Georgia

Description: Produces full range of top quality georgian wines (in
bottles, ceramic jars and bag-in-boxes) known for their superior
quality, variety, taste and bouquet. Company cooperates with the
leading European producers of ancillary materilas, such as Vetrerie
Bruni, Vetrerie Vetri (bottles), Amorim & Irmaos (cork), GAI spA
bottling line), Cromografica (labels), etc. The biggest competitive
advantage is complete cycle of wine making. Possession of three main
links of the wine making chain - vineyards, primary grape processing,
and wine bottling enables the company to track high quality standards
and ensure their sustainability.

Country: USA

Description: We manufacture raw organic almond butter, cashew butter,
macadamia butter, roasted almond butter and Milk of Paradise a
cashew, macadamia blend. We distribute organic nuts including
almonds, pecans, cashews and pistachios and dried fruits including
Medjool dates, Flame raisins, mango cheeks, kiwi, peaches, nectarines
and prunes. We also distribute an exceptional California olive oil.
All of our commodities are certified organic. We invite you to visit
our (retail) website to view our most popular items. We will gladly
send you a copy of our International Trading List.

Importproducts: We import cashews, pinenuts, dried mangos, pineapple
and figs.

Country: Italy

Description: We are the producers/exporters of a fine Italian organic
wine and would like to export our product to Sweden.

Country: Portugal

Description: We are a Portuguese trading company, and our main
business activity is the import/export of foodstuffs. We are looking
for Greek companies interested in importing from us seafood (from the
Atlantic Coast).

Country: Spain

Description: Company located in Cari?ena at the north east of Spain.
Our cellar produces artisan wines yet with a modern an elegant style.
We can offer red monfil 2001 crianza 1998 and reserva 1996.
We are looking for importers and brokers for UE.

Country: Canada

Description: We are a distributor of premium gourmet quality coffee.
We have a retail and a wholesale division. Any interested parties e-
mail us for samples, prices and further discussion. Also, we offer
the best quality for the lowest price.

Country: Italy

Description: International service company acting prevalently in
food-stuffs branch. Our company, sole mandatory of important firms in
feeding sector, is able to offer directly, without intermediation,
Italian alimentary products.

Country: India

Description: Exporters of all frozen marine products to Europe, USA,
Japan Australia, Chine, Korea.

Country: Morocco

Description: We export fresh caper (les capres) in barrels of 250kg.

Country: Benin

Description: We are a reliable importer and distributive agent on
food stuff canned fish, canned fruits and other related items, the
exporters or the manufacturers to contact us directly.

Country: India

Description: Best eastern corporation is in the field of hospitality,
export & import since 1986. We export finest rice, vegetables,
fruits, sugar, tea, coffee, rubber, garments, tiles, marble, cement,
iron, steel, handy crafts, stone statue. We import-alcoholic
vodka, brandy, whisky, rum, electronics, motor bikes and car.

Country: Lithuania

Description: First organic sales and marketing in Lithuania and we
are delighted to present the first organic juices produced in
Lithuania. Juices are made from organically grown fruits and
vegetables and processed under ecological processing technology. The
juices are certified organic by IFOAM accredited local certification
body EKOAGROS. Lithuania is among 18 countries in the world to
receive IFOAM accreditation. The assortment: Organic apple juice.
Organic carrots - apple juice.
Organic red beet - apple juice.
In this season the company intends to launch products made from
organic vegetables according to authentic recipes. Please let us know
if you would be interested to find out more about these new products.
In addition, we can offer other Lithuanian organic food products such
as grains, flours, peas, herbal teas, honey, etc.

Country: Venezuela

Description: Growers, packers & exporters fresh fruits (Mangoes:
Haden and Tommy Atkins / Persian Limes or Tahiti Limes). Our company
are located in Venezuela and we have five years of experience in
exportation to Europe and USA. If you would like to receive more
information about our company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Country: Venezuela

Description: Candy, chocolate, tea and other products import and
distribution in Latin America.

Country: USA

Description: We promote Colombia’s exports to the world. Our global
network allows direct contact between potential buyers and sellers
for trade and investment opportunities. Our office in New York
assists companies in the United States interested in identifying,
buying or researching any product from Colombia.

Country: India

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of ready-to- eat and
ready-to-cook fish products, from the costline of Gujarat, India. We
have been exporting to China, Japan, etc. And would like to expand
our market into European markets now.

Country: China

Description: We are a Hong Kong converter of household and catering
films, foils, siliconized vegetable parchment papers and foil
containers, can also supply banquet chafing dish gel fuel to oversea
companies. Any dimensions and specifications can be tailored made for
own requirement.

Country: China

Description: Mainly deal with all kinds of chicken meat, rabbit meat,
seafood, dehydrated vegetable and cereal & oil and so on all products
about food.

Country: Greece

Description: The one of the oldest companies in the natural mineral
water bottling industry in Greece. It is located in Loutraki,
Korinthia and since 1977 bottles the famous natural mineral water of
Loutraki. The company sells all around Greece and also exports to
E.C. Israel, Cyprus, USA etc under the brand name "Loutraki -
Karantanis/Provis". The water is disposable in PET bottles of 0, 5
lt, 1, 5 lt and 5, 0 lt and in glass bottles of 1, 0 lt.

Importproducts: We are interested in locating suppliers of P.E.T

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