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Global chemical exporters and manufacturers database

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Country: China

Description: At present the main products are the follows:
1.Hydrofluoric acid.
2.Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid.
3.Reagent hydrofluoric acid.
4.Fluoroboric acid.
5.Fluorosilicic acid.
6.Ammonium bifluoride.
7.Ammonium fluoride.

Country: China

Description: We can supply zinc sulfate monohydrate.
We produce and export the MAP, MKP and DAP at very competitive price.
We manufacture and export sodium fluosilicate.
We can supply Ilmenite and Rutile sand with following specification:
We produce and export MgSO4.H2O at best price. We export several kinds of
Rubber Products at competitive price. These products have been exported
for more than 10 years with excellent quality. Serious buyer, please
contact us for detail information.

Importproducts: Agrochemicals, rutile sand, ilmenite, barite and so on.

Country: China

Description: Products have clean brush, plastic container etc. For
scrubbing and washing dishes, such as: toilet brush, cup brush, nursing
bottle brush, clothes brush, scrub brush, Floor brush, Steel Wool, besom,
dustpan brush, bag and basket etc.

Country: China

Description: We export kinds of raw or intermediate materials for
pharmaceutical industry. We are ISO9002 certified factory and our
products enjoy a good market in EU, south east Asia, middle east, etc.
Below is the list of our strong items of good quality.
. Chloroquine phosphate.
. Ethoxymethylene malonate ester.
. Diethyl 2, 2 dipropyl malonate.
. Dimethyl malonate.
. Diethyl malonate.
. Diethyl methylmalonate.
. Dimethyl methylmalonate.
. Methyl cyanoacetate.
. Ethyl cyanoacetate.
. Etc.

Country: India

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an International
Trading Division of a large and diversified organization involved in
manufacturing, distributing and consignment agency activities.
We represent a number of prominent companies based in India and along with
our principals, based in U.A.E. are involved in exports and imports of
various Industrial Chemicals, Plastic Raw Materials, Cement Clinkers,
Refrigerant (Freon) Gases and other commodity products. We service a large
clientele in the Far East, The Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, East &
South Africa.

Country: China

Description: Import: feed additive, organic chemical material, phamar
chemical production technology. Export pigment, fluorine chemical, fire
retardant, dring & waste water treatment chemical, electroplating
chemical, feed & fertilizer chemical.

Country: China

Description: One of the top-ranking pigment manufacturers in China. Our
company mainly produces advanced, ordinary and low-cost organic and
inorganic pigment widely used on solvent based printing ink, water based
printing ink, plastic, paint, rubber, leather, printing and stationary
etc. The company was established in 1991, occupying 50, 000m2 area. Our
permanent asset is 20, 000, 000 RMB and product capacity is 5000MT per
year. In 1999, we established R&D department, and imported advanced
production machines and testing instruments. What’s more our company got
both Export License and ISO9001 Certificate in 2001 and the products are
sold to more than sixty countries of America, West and East Europe and
Asia. Our company always retains sweet reputation not only for the good
quality of product but also for its credit and complying with contracts.

Country: UAE

Description: We are pleased to invite you to participate in the chemtex &
corrosion middle east 2003 to be held in Dubai. Tremendous opportunities
exist for companies involved in Chemicals / Raw Materials, Anti Corrosion
Technology, Testing and Laboratory, Oil Field Supply, Engineering and
Construction, Petrochemicals, Water Treatment, Underwater Engineering,
Instrumentation, Materials Handling, Process Plant & Equipment,
Environmental Technology and all those interested in the potential of the
vibrant Middle East market to develop their export markets.

Country: China

Description: We are a manufacturer that integrates technology, industry
and trade, and mainly produces basic chemical raw materials. The total
assets of the company are worth 500 million yuan. In 2000, the sales
income reached 400 million yuan, with a gross profit of 49.81 million
yuan. Our main products and their scales are: caustic soda (100, 000
MT/yr), hydrochloric acid, PVC (60, 000 MT/yr), liquid chlorine (30, 000
MT/yr), sodium hypoc-hlorite (20, 000 MT/yr), chlorinated paraffin wax (6,
000 MT/yr) and chlorinated polyethylene (2, 000 MT/yr). Gas products
series cover hydrogen, super pure hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. In
addition, there are textile auxiliaries, plastic windows, chemical reagent
polyether as well as medical intermediates and R&G health-care food

Country: India

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of dyestuff and dye
intermediates. We export Acid Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Direct Dyes, H-Acid,
Gamma Acid and K-Acid. We import crude naphthalene and beta naphthol for
our manufacturing purpose.

Country: Pakistan

Description: We wish to ferro chrome (low carbon/high carbon).

Country: India

Description: From a humble beginning manufacturing industrial phosphates,
the company undertook a program of backward integration into being the
pioneer manufacturer of Elemental phosphorus in India in 1970. Thereafter
the company got into the production of all important phosphorus
derivatives namely phosphoric acid of various grades, phosphorus penta
sulphide, red phosphorus, and phosphorus trichloride. The company now
serves the needs of a wide spectrum of quality conscious multinational
customers like Cyanamid, Hoechst, Lubrizol, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Novartis and
several small and large users.
The product range:
White/yellow phosphorus
Red phosphorus
Phosphorus penta sulphide
Phosphoric acid (technical grade)
Phosphoric acid (food grade)
Poly phosphoric acid
Phosphorus trichloride
Ferro phosphorus.

Country: India

Description: We are in chemical line since last 50 years. We are agents of
M/s sudarshan Chemical industries Ltd. and many more reputed companies.
ACRYPOL ®: A product for pharma and cosmetics industry for various
formulations such as viscosity or thickening agents. For pharmaceutical
industry, it can be used in oral liquid, suspension, tropical gel, lotion
and ointment. For cosmetic industry, it can be used in all personal care
products such as shampoo, soap, perfume, shaving cream, nail polish, sun
screen lotion, various creams & toothpaste.

Country: India

1)Sodium picosulfate.
2) Bisacodyl.
3) Meloxicam.
4) Alendronate sodium.
5) Treimetazidine di hydrochloride.

Importproducts: Pyridine -2-aldehyde.
4-amino butaric acid.

Country: Oman

Description: We are engaged in international trade, imports and exports.
We are souring raw materials for our potential clients and exporting Omani
products to many countries. We have offers for sulphuric acid for
industrial use, storage water heaters, paints, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise,
hot sauce etc. Manufactured in Oman.

Importproducts: We import textile yarns, resin K-67, porcelain ware, gift
items, promotional items, tomato paste, tea, grains etc as per requirement
of our clients.

Country: India

Description: We are manufacturers and traders of 100% essential
oils. We also cultivate and trade in various herbs.

Country: Spain

Description: Cosmetics products.

Importproducts: Ingredients for cosmetics.
Cosmetic packaging.

Country: India

Description: We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers
and exporters of synthetic food colors, lake colors, acid dyes, basic
dyes, and solvent dyes from India. We also manufacturer propenyl guathol

Country: USA

Description: We export raw pine resin from Brazil used to manufacture
turpentine and rosin for naval stores.

Country: China

Description: We export tires with all Chinese tire brands: Triangle,
Yellow-Sea, Huaqing, Ocean, Chengshan, Linglong, Heshan, Luhe, Taishan,
Taifa, Shenglida, Wanli, Jinglun, Lubao, Fengshen, Feichi, Dongwang,
Whale, Qizhou and so on. Additionally we manufacture tire with our own
brand: Sentaida. We develop mainly relying on the big export quantity with
little profits from every container not on the profits with little
quantity. And we have many tyre brands’; sole agent right to
export to many countries.

Country: Turkey

Description: Our company has been importing resin, titandioxite, pigments.
We are producing synthetic and plastic paints.

Country: Poland

Description: Company in Poland is one of the most known and highly
regarded producers of hand pressed household soda - calcium glass
(tableware and giftware) in Poland. Apart from soda articles we are also
producing crystallite ones, (not crystal no lead) as well. Our firm was
founded in 1884 and for over one hundred years it has developed various
technologies of forming and decor of the highest quality glass. A large
variety of our products which meet the requirements of the most demanding
customers is the effect of the work of highly qualified staff, decorators
and artists designing unrepeatable patterns. Our production program
includes (between others): footed bowls, vases, candlesticks, salad bowls,
plates, ashtrays, souvenir-decorative articles, small figures, paper
blocks, plates etc. We decorate them by frosting of their surfaces with
the steam of sand and manual painting. Of course there is a possibility to
produce blank products and the goods on your own design.

Country: India

Description: Invention of rever to cure MPB and FPB.

Country: India

Description: We are interested in distributing chemicals like
polyol/isocyanate used in the polyurethane industry, the
additives used in the same industry and also adhesives used in
various industries.
We can also offer rubberised coir products and agricultural
products and also granite for exports. We can also export PVC and
Galvanised pipes.

Country: Uk

Description: We are distributors and importers of menthol crystals-Bold.
The product matches BP/USP standards. We can assure small or large
deliveries (minimum 50 kgs) to any destination within Europe within 72
hours from date of order.

Country: India

Description: Our company, established during 1988, has been
regular suppliers and exporters of various natural essential oils
namely: Davana oil, Menthol crystals, Betel leaf oil, Palmarosa
oil, Lemon grass oil. We regularly export these products to buyers in USA,
UK and other European countries.

Country: China

Description: We would like to introduce ourself as a leading
manufacturer of all various conveyor belts in China. Our company
is located in Qingdao. The transportation is very convenient for
exporting our products. Now we are exporing the world markets.
In addition, we can also produce a large quantity of rubber
mats/sheets for bath room, entrance, horstall, workshop and other

Country: China

Description: Amino acids and derivatives, l, dl and d form amino
acids, acetyl amino acids, amino acids amides and derivatives,
amino acids esters and derivatives, BOC-amino acids and
derivatives, CBZ-amino acids and derivatives, FMOC-amino acids
and derivatives, amino acids, synthetic / non-natural and
Amino acid alcohols and derivatives.
Protecting reagents and peptide coupling reagents.
Chelates and compound salts of L-amino acids.
Active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.

Country: China

Description: Bis-[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]amine [13497-18-2],
3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane [919-30-2]& its water solution
(hydrolysate), 3-Aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane [3179-76-8],
N-(2-Aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyl-trimethoxysilane [1760-24-3],
N-(2-Aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyl-methyldimethoxysilane [3069-29-2],
3-Chloropropyltrimethoxysilane [2530-87-2],
3-Chloropropyltriethoxysilane [5089-70-3],
3-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane [2530-83-8],
3-Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane [4420-74-0],
Glyoxal [107-22-2], Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate [7085-85-0].

Importproducts: Trichlorosilane, allylchloride, methol.

Country: USA

Description: Homeland security: liquid detection equipment: a powerful,
portable, hand-held tool for identifying chemical warfare agents,
petroleum products, industrial reagents, foodstuffs, and consumer
products. A primary benefit of the device is that it allows determinations
to be made without the need to open the container, thereby reducing health
and safety risks associated with intrusive inspections. Ideal for
confirming that container contents match disclosures on shipping
manifests. Useful for sorting containers into "like" and "unlike" groups
based on their liquid contents. Able to detect fill levels in containers,
confirming quantities shipped and received. Adaptable to customized
applications. Non intrusive inspection of liquids in sealed containers.

Country: India

Description: We offer: bulk chemicals caustic soda flakes, hydrogen
peroxide-50%, phosphoric acid-85%, formic acid-85%, soda ash, potassium
carbonate. Polyvinyl butyral resins, ketonic resin, phenolic resins,
acrylic resins, polyamide resins. Dyes intermediates: 4-napsa, gamma acid,
6-napsa, 4-nap, resist salt, metanilic acid, 6-nitro 1, 2, 4 diazo acid
etc. Dyes & pigments: acid dyes, reactive dyes, azo dyes etc.

Importproducts: 2, 4 xylidine, pncb, oncb, acrylic acid, 2-ethyl
hexyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, methacrylic acid, styrene
monomer etc.

Country: Brazil

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as a consulting
company that tries to find new sources of supply to our customers. We
handle with industrial chemical raw materials for chemical industry,
cosmetics, feed cattle, food industry, water treatment products and others
by your suggestion.

Country: India

Description: Emulsifiers for cutting coolants, rust preventive
additives, floor cleaners, deodorants, apple tree spray oils (summer &
winter). Other oil additives.

Country: Greece

Description: Manufactures of dishwashing liquid, general purpose
cleaner, oven cleaner, salts deposits remover, ironing spray, window
cleaner, liquid cream soap, fabric softener, detergent powder for hand
washing, bleach, liquid detergent for professional machines, liquid
polisher, dishwashing machines detergent powder, detergent powder for
washing machines, lubricants.

Country: China

Description: As the leading professional manufacturer and exporter of
yellow phosphorus and phosphoric acid 85% in China, we are able to provide
the above-mentioned products in large quantity and at competitive price
all the year round.

Importproducts: Yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid, sodium

Country: Korea (South)

Description: We are extending the realm of its business line to body
shaper, beauty therapy devices, herbal beauty medicines and
cosmetics. Etc. In the future to cover possible body care and
skincare products to improve human beauty and health. We say that our
series are the ultimate solution for health and beauty as well as the
exceptionally cost-cutting selection.

Importproducts: Powerful anti-aging skincare system invented in this 21st
century, facial massager and anti-aging skincare cosmetics patented and
manufactured in Korea as world new FIR bio face massager and bio-medicinal
herbal skincare. Masque massager is rare beauty care which radiates
biogenetic far infrared rays and warms face to eliminate wastes and
penetrate FIR rays to activate skin cell metabolism and regeneration.
Meanwhile, pure natural skincare cosmetics are the revolutionary invention
to treat skin troubles and reverse age of the skin, such as brown & black
spots and blemishes together with lifting & slimming face contour by lipo-
dissolving and draining agents, which is rated the most effective and
strongest among anti-aging skincare cosmetics.

Country: Turkey

Description: We are an export-import producing company based in Turkey. We
professionally produce and export soap and plastic toolbox with good
quality and competitive prices in the market. We are also open minded to
produce under OEM basis. We can also provide goods in wide range examples:
bathmat, facial tissue, glassware, stretch film, aluminum folio, frozen
bags, crumb dustpan and so on.

Country: Japan

Description: Suppliers for specialty chemicals, photo chemicals, fine
chemicals, bulk pharmaceuticals and herbal extracts. Best qualtyand lowest
price guaranteed.
Our main products are fenugreek extract fibre, ramipril, enalapru
maleate, quinapril, lisinopril, boronic compunds, boronic acids,
triphenyl amine, gemctabine anti cancer products, fluvastatin,
citalopram hydrobromide, cytidine, lepedine and etc.

Country: India

Description: We are selling adhesives required for shoe industries in
India and want find international buyers for the same.

Country: India

Description: We are the importers of nickel spent catalysts especially
generated from oil hydrogenation process for vanaspati ghee manufacture.
If you are interested in supplying min. 10mt to 50mt per month of the
same, kindly feel free to contact for a long term relationship.

Country: China

Description: The largest fluozirconate production enterprise in our
country and also deals in zirconium salt products, villiaumite series
products. Our company always persists on the principle of "quality is
life, clients are God, sincerity -oriented". We are favorably commented by
customers at home and abroad for our zealous service. Our main products
include: fluozirconate series products: potassium zirconium hexafluoride,
ammonium zirconium hexafluoride, sodium fluozirconate, hexafluorozirconium
acid. Other villiaumite series products: potassium fluotitanate, potassium
fluoroborae. Zirconium salt series products: zirconium Acetate, Zirconium
Carbonate, zirconium sulphate, zirconia, Zirconium Oxychloride.

Country: China

Description: We specialized in export tung oil, gum rosin, pine oil, cubic
zirconium & synthetic stone, turpentine oil, disproportionated rosin, zinc
oxide, titanium dioxide, terpineol, pinene, lithopone, brassylic acid,
dihydromyrcenol, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, Corundum, Synthetic
Sapphire, Spinel, Ruby, Semi-precious stones, etc.

Country: Russian Federation

Description: The leading chemical company in the Russian Federation. The
company deals with all kinds of chemical treatment of oil and gas.

Importproducts: We produce all kinds of petrochemical products from
ethylene to PAN tow for carbon fiber production.

Country: China

Description: One of professional and largest manufacturers of TBHQ in
China. Until now, company has covered more than 80% China market and also
exported his products to south-east Asia and Africa and Middle East and
USA and Netherlands, which has high prestige in this field worldwide.

Importproducts: TBHQ: tertiary butyl hydroquinone a kind of antioxidant
for edible oil and vegetable oil and rich oil foods industry etc. DTBHQ:
2, 5-Di-tertiary butyl hydroquinone a kind of antioxidant for rubber and
painting etc.

Country: India

Description: Manufacturer of essential oils.

Importproducts: Boiler, condensers, water softener, pulverizes to convert
wood chips in 20 mesh powder, etc (all basic machines). We would like to
have 6 stills ( 2 Mt each, SS 316) that would give us a batch capacity of
24 MT / batch. Each batch takes around 11 days. Hence we would have a
capacity of approximately, 72 MT /month and 864 MT/ year.

Country: India

Description: Manufacturers & exporters of specialty dye and drug
intermediates, fine chemicals. Development of new and odd intermediates on
secrecy agreement basis.

Importproducts: Exports: full range of phthalimides & phthalonitriles
dyestuffs & pigments including food dyes. Imports: beta naphthol, crude

Country: Taiwan

Description: Specialize production (silver powder, conductive ink,
electrode paste) and obtain guarantee, sale market included Taiwan &
China. Our main cooperation way is OEM, ODM, Agent etc. Devoted to apply
the high professional technique and high technology equipment provided the
high quality products and service.

Country: China

Description: We are the biggest manufacturer of producing P-Aminophenol,
P-Chloroaniline, P-nitrophenylhydrazine, Phenlhydrazine Hydrochloride,
Phenlhydrazine, Chloropheny hydrazine, Chloropheny hydrazine
hydrochloride, Paracetamol. The good quality are well acknowledged by all
of our esteemed customers, we are pleased to cooperate with the customers
all over the world.

Importproducts: We need Para-nitro chlorobenzene 1000Mt one month, please
quote us your lowest price, CIF DALIAN, in order to have a long-term

Country: India

Description: Specialty chemical manufacturing company, specialized in
manufacturing of phase transfer catalysts, amine halides/bromides,
parabens, photochemicals like citrazinic acid, pharmaceuticals like
diethylamine salicylate, triethanolamine salicylate, salsalate, UV screen

Importproducts: Alkylamines, alkyl halides, liq. bromine, ammonium
citrate, citric acid salicylic acid etc.

Country: India

Description: Pyridine chemicals.

Country: Ukraine

Description: Would like to offer to you titanium dioxide of
following specification:
Physical-chemical properties properties r-03 highest grade
Grade 1 Mass portion of TiO2, not less 90 90 Mass portion of
rutile form, %, not less 97 97 Mass portion of volatiles, %, not
more 0.5 0.5 Mass portion of matters, soluble in water, %, not
more 0.2 0.2 PH of water suspension 6.5-8.0 6.5-8.0 Residue on
the sleve 0045, %, not more 0.01 0.01 Whiteness power, arb.
Unit. On the Unit of «Raduga» not less 1800 1750
Hiding power gr/m2, not more 35 35 Dispersibility, mkm, not more
15 15 Whiteness arb. Unit on the Unit of «Raduga»
not less 95 93 Package The Goods are packed into 25 kg paper or
polypropylene bags, on the pallets (1 t), And in the BIG-BAG
containers (containing 600-750 kgs). Quantity: 2000 t/m Cost:
FOB-port Odessa, (Ukraine).

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