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Topic : accounting

  • Ad Valorem Solutions - High end property tax management and dispute resolution.
  • Ad Valorem Tax, Inc. - Offers property tax consulting services throughout the U.S.
  • Advanced Tax Recovery - Tax review and recovery service that can get you back money you may have overpaid to the IRS.
  • American Financial and Tax - We offer full-service tax assistance from basic tax return preparation to full representation for all audits and hearings.
  • American Society of IRS Problem Solvers - Organization of attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents specializing in tax consultations.
  • AnCor IRS Services, Inc. - Professional IRS negotiation and representation. Appeals and offers in compromise argued.
  • The Audit Buster - New York state tax specialists, experts in tax reduction and audit resolution of the trucking, transportation & fuel industries.
  • Barouti & Peng, LLC. - Enrolled Agents licensed to appear before the IRS. We exclusively handle IRS and State tax matters.
  • Bernard Rothenberg, CPA - Specializes in tax and related matters such as examination, collection procedures and appeals, estates and trusts, planning and forensics throughout the USA.
  • Bill Stevens, CPA - Specializes in providing affordable solutions to people who find themselves at odds with the IRS.
  • Brennan & Wampler - Expert tax advice and IRS representation.
  • C & G Tax Service, Inc. - An EA to represent you at an IRS audit. Also does bookkeeping and all personal and corporate tax returns.
  • CK Tax - Helping to solve your tax difficulties. Specializing in offers in compromise, non-filed returns, back taxes, and levy releases.
  • Damon Tax Service - Enrolled Agents can prepare taxes and help with audits and collection problems.
  • Darrell M. Carp, Enrolled Agent - IRS negotiation and representation by a retired IRS Revenue Officer.
  • Dick Norton, EA - Retired Associate Chief of the IRS Appeals Division and an Enrolled Agent. He can help you with audit and collection issues with the IRS or California tax agencies.
  • DML Consulting - Specializes in tax problems, estate management, business planning, and the reconstruction of damaged or lost tax files.
  • Don Fitch, CPA - Firm specializing in personal and business tax negotiation, including IRS Offers in Compromise, installment agreements and wage levey releases.
  • Edward J. Barker, CA - Canada tax, Canadian tax, income tax, GST, Ontario tax, US tax, estate tax, partnership tax, trust tax, state tax, city tax.
  • Federal Tax Resolution - Specializes in all areas of tax relief
  • Fenwick and Company - Tax and VAT investigation representation and consultation.
  • Florida Property Tax Appeals - Florida real estate and business property taxes. Focused on legislation, litigation, and political activities affecting ad valorem taxpayers.
  • Fred Lynn and Associates - Firm comprised of a former IRS Senior Executive and former Managers enrolled to practice before the IRS & State taxing authorities.
  • Geraldine Jane Hagie, MBA, EA - Licensed to practice before the IRS.
  • Glenn Allen C.P.A. - Tax consulting services.
  • Global R&D Consulting group inc. - Provides comprehensive Research and Development, Tax Credit, services across North America.
  • Harley H. Hoppe & Associates Inc. - King County, WA. Trained in property tax analysis and appeals.
  • (tm) Tax Help Links - Find help for tax problems including tax liens, negotiations, offers-in-compromise, and general tax questions.
  • IRSTaxFix - IRS problem resolution nationwide by EA and CPA.
  • Jeff Parrack, CPA - Specializes in IRS negotiations.
  • JK Harris and Company - Specialists in tax problems, liens and levies, penalties, garnishing wages and seizures, offers in compromise, payment plans, payroll taxes and other IRS problems.
  • Joseph Solomon Financial Group - Providing tax preparation, IRS settlement services, and audits. Information for U.S. citizens abroad and non-resident aliens tax issues.
  • Larry D. Giles, EA - Collection division and audit representation. Offers in Compromise.
  • Latreuo Group - Specializes in various Oil and Gas tax services, including severance, sales and use tax.
  • Law Offices of Alex V. Gluzman - Resolve your problems with the IRS and California taxing agencies.
  • Marvin F. Poer and Company - Consultants specializing in real and personal property taxes, tax planning, appeals, valuation and compliance.
  • Matthew J. Previte CPA - Strategies for complete resolution of your tax problems.
  • Mike Wellman CPA - Specializing in personal and business IRS tax negotiation.
  • Mintax Global Incentive Consultants - Information on tax incentives, federal income tax, work opportunity tax credits and tax abatements.
  • Moskowitz & Nixdorf, LLP - Law firm specializing in audits and offers in compromise.
  • National Property Tax Management, Inc. - Tax estimates for existing locations and forecast for areas of potential expansion. Consultation on tax abatements and exemptions. Property tax management services in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Nationwide Tax Negotiators - Prepares and completes a signature ready "Offer in Compromise" by mail.
  • Park Avenue Tax Consultants - IRS help 24/7. Offers-in-Compromise and settlements are our specialty. State tax controversies also.
  • Peter R Villaverde - Assists businesses with personal property tax assessment & valuation issues.
  • The Property Tax Group - Management consulting services with specialization in property taxation.
  • R. Jeffrey & Associates - Providing your company with a simple and effective way to recover sizable tax credits.
  • Reed, Wargo & Gray - Tax debt resolution services. Offer in Compromise cases.
  • Richard M. Rossoll, CPA - Solving state and federal tax problems in Ohio and the surrounding areas.
  • Richard Pooley & Associates - Offers IRS tax consultation, collections, audit solutions, expert witness, offer in compromise, and related services.
  • Robert Sommerville, CPA - Helping clients to resolve Federal and State tax problems
  • Salah A. Ali, EA - Offer to compromise due taxes and settlement of IRS problems.
  • Services, 165, Inc. - Expert assistance in receiving substantial tax benefits from stock market losses as a result of stock broker fraud, churning, misrepresentation, unauthorized trading or dishonesty.
  • Spencer Fellows & Co. - Long established tax consultants in Chelmsford Essex, United Kingdom. Specialists in tax, accountancy and investigation cases.
  • Stanley H. Block & Associates - Tax attorney located in Maryland. We can help with IRS and other tax problems.
  • State Tax Credits - CPA firm specializes in procuring state tax incentives for companies in diverse industries.
  • Sterling Clay Couch, CPA - IRS representation for people with tax problems.
  • Steve M Spencer, CPA - Specializing in Texas property tax issues for convienience store owners.
  • Sullivan Consulting - Engineers contemporary solutions to state, multi-state, and federal tax controversies.
  • Tax Back - Specialists in international tax refunds of eligible state, federal, and local taxes.
  • Tax Clearance Center - Helping taxpayers resolve their problems. Specializes in tax problems of truckers.
  • Tax Compliance Group, LLC - Providing corporate America with the highest level of quality tax professionals.
  • Tax Investigation Help - Tax investigation help from former top tax inspectors.
  • Tax Negotiators - Specialist in resolving serious delinquent tax problems with levy releases, compromises, installments, and forensic return preparation.
  • Tax Nest - Stephen Nestor, EA is a former Revenue Officer specializing in settlement issues and Offer in Compromise.
  • Tax Resources, Inc. - IRS audit defense experts.
  • Tax Tiger, Inc. - Attorney, CPA and professionals specializing in resolving IRS tax debt for individuals and businesses
  • TaxAid - Self help IRS tax resolution.
  • Taxback LLC - Free prior period federal and state tax return reviews.
  • - IRS e-filing & Internal Revenue Service tax problem resolution. Free consultations for those with back taxes.
  • - Resolution of IRS problems.
  • TaxHelp2000 - Professional income tax preparation, tax audits, forensic accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Taxpayer Advocates - A complete resource for people with tax problems.
  • Taxpayer Solutions, Inc. - Veteran tax professionals specializing in resolving IRS problems.
  • TaxpayeRights - Help for taxpayers with back taxes without ever having to meet the IRS again.
  • T.E. Swate - Specializes in federal and state tax problem resolution for individuals and businesses.
  • Washington Tax Services - Representation for individuals and small businesses with tax liens or IRS collection problems.
  • Westax, LLC - Prepares tax returns, assists with IRS problem resolution, and provides other financial services. Personal biography, and information about Enrolled Agents.
  • William Squibb & Associates - Canadian commodity and GST tax recoveries.

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